Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?


YES and NO.

Yes, because right now I am where I want to be. And the person whom I want to spend that happily ever after is right here. The prince charming that every princess wants is not all shimmering and shining but a summary of the things that she loves. On the subject of love, it’s a fair game. Someone out there might hurt you but for sure the ball’s gonna roll somewhere and the next thing you know you will certainly have the person you deserve the most. That’s why it didn’t work out with the previous.

No. My happily ever after will be on short leave. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have to leave for an assignment. It hurts me and it will surely hurt the person I care the most. I will surely come home– here and that’s the thing that will take me back to my happily ever after.

An Eggy Life

Egg photos. Not mine.

I am a happy egg and I love this world. After being stuck for so long inside Mother hen, I now appreciate the bright world outside. The shining sun, the blue sky, the flying birds and the very little details of this eggy life. (more…)

Meal = Any Food + Coffee


I love to drink coffee. I can definitely say this without any hesitation. And not just those expensive coffee or the expensive place to drink this– I just love coffee. And I guess this is one of the traits that I got from my father, since my physical appearance is attributed to the genes of my mother and though my Math-driven brain is from my father, I guess there are some loopholes inside of me that is full of paradox and the like. Yeah, the habit of drinking more than 2 cups of coffee is not an addiction for me but rather—err, it runs in the blood. (more…)

On How to be Ironic

I want to be as stubborn as I can get– the society where I belong shouldn’t be able to tell me what to do. My choices, my life, my game. Whatever happens in my life is a consequence of my choices or actions. Regret should be at the bottom of this list— not on top or near it. This is my ideals. I should live with it.

But I can’t.

“You’ll be sent to our other branch to help with their project.” 

The big news hit me– like a bullet, without even the slightest idea that it was coming. And I was awestruck. No words of hesitation was heard from me. And I stood there– trying to get the gist of everything; as streams of different reasons to say no came to me.

I don’t like plane– my paranoia is at its worst when I ride one.

I wanna see the baby of my friend.

I have plans for the summer; all of it would be ruined.

I want to stay here– near the person I treasured the most.

I’ll go through the process of coping with a new place all over again.

I don’t like being away from him.

And as days turned into weeks and the date of the departure is nearing, a lot of reasons to say No. But, the biggest question that I never had the chance to answer was : Do I have the courage to say this or that? And I fear that I already knew the answer to this– the same as my ideal answer to the trip.

I’m ironic. And I guess, I’ll never be able to live with my ideals. Those principles are hard to live by. And it saddened me because the people that are affected the most are the ones who are closer to my heart.

I hope I get the chance to say what I want but I guess the farthest that this will get is in this blog post. :(

A Late Valentine Post

Four days ago, people were busy hustling around town trying to buy the best gift that they could give to their special someone. Prices of chocolates, flowers, necklace or even the smallest balloon with the word “LOVE” written all over it sky-rocketed. Why not? It’s one of those days that vendors are allowed to double or even triple the price of these stuffs. Some may say that the real spirit of Valentine’s was lost long ago– what we have now is a commercialization of the event. With the advent of the internet and social media sites, people were given easier tool to compare and contrast how each individual celebrates their own Valentine’s. And the prices are getting higher and higher.

On the contrary, I was still surprised to get a bouquet, chocolates and a dinner. I maybe one of those idealist who thinks flowers and chocolates are too mainstream and are too expensive for this occasion. Still, the thought that someone wants to make me feel special and loved during this day is a better reason to smile and be contented and accept the fact that Valentine’s day may be a normal day for some, a nuisance for some or maybe its spirit was long ago drowned by expensive  flowers and chocolates; but the effort of people who wants to make sure that you’re happy today should not be a waste.

We have our own definition of the true spirit of Valentine’s and I have my own and I already saw it in the eyes of the man who makes me happy day in and day out — with or without a bouquet. 😀


Of Comparisons

I want to be unique. I don’t like being compared to somebody else especially to people whom I never had the chance to meet. I don’t like comparisons especially those that will make as small as a dust. No. I don’t want those things. And as much as I don’t like being compared I see to it that I don’t compare. The simple golden rule. It helps as long as you make sure it’s still on the line.

I don’t trust myself when I compare things or people; I have this bad attitude that when I start comparing I go into details– digging as much as I could and being that super OC with details. And the bad thing about this– I usually hurt people around me–people whom I value too much and the people that matters that I’m trying not to hurt.

I don’t know why I had this strange feeling of writing something like this. This might be some kind of a reminder for myself for some unforeseen event that might happen in the future. Sometimes, the thing that we hate the most greets us at some unexpected events in our life. Nah! Life is good. We still have a lot of reasons to smile. And it goes on. It spin–always with or without us.


The ‘I failed’ stage

I’m okay. I will get through this. This is one of life’s challenges that I should be able to surpass. I should accept the fact that I can’t win every battle that I will face. In some fights, I will lose. I have to scrape my knee for me to learn. I must not cry. I shall not cry. This will not define who I am; this is only one. There will be a lot more exams to take. A lot of chances. I can do better in another one. The project had kept me away from studying, I have a valid reason why I failed.

These are my thoughts after seeing the “Not passed” result from the exam. It was screaming at me. FAILED. Eating away all the happiness and my energy for that day. Argh! I should check results after work, not before.
The I failed stage is one of the most fragile stages in our life. It’s okay not to be okay, you’re entitled to feel that way. If you want to cry then go on— even the clouds need to shed some tears to make them brighter and to give way for the rainbows. I’m not really okay but it’s easier to accept it than to just work around it—pretending I’m good at it when I’m not. There are other things that will be for me. And life gives a lot of chances for us to take. It’s our choice to take one. I’ll be okay. No worries. :)

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