Confusion or Fickle-mindedness


I’m in that state of being confuse, it kicks in when I am doing random stuffs like walking and looking at the sky and then it will hit me like a bullet, out of nowhere.
What on earth am I doing here?

A bad handwriting


I can still remember the first words that I wrote; not that I can guarantee that it was really the first but I can guarantee you it was the first that I do remember and it was my name. I don’t know if it is normal but I was shocked(not really that electrifying kind of shock) that I have a different first name. (more…)

Saturday’s Breakfast


For today’s breakfast I prepared a hotdog with lettuce with a sandwich spread burger. I know it’s not the healthiest breakfast we’ll ever had but it’s enough for our hungry stomach. It has been so long that I had tried my best to start a diet– a healthy diet packed with all the vitamins and minerals that is essential for me to get through the day but like all the “tried” stuff I did I failed to stick to it. I tried jogging but when the laziness kicks in, I get this habit of saying “I’ll do it later”. This is not an exaggeration but rather an explanation why my waistline is starting to get a little bigger. Yes I am gaining some fats and my skirts and pants are the one who were suffering the most. (more…)

The Techy Era


We cannot deny the fact that comparing to our ancestors, we are way more advanced when it comes to technology. We have airplanes, ATM, bluetooth and more. Yep, a certain reality that will be applicable to us in comparison to our descendants in the near future– they will be more advanced than us today. Before delving into bitterness of what the future may hold that is not for us, let me tell you some things that I think is the negative effect of being a Techy Era. (more…)

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