Why it’s not safe to be someone else?

Be yourself

Be yourself

Aside from the fact that you are born unique(I would bet that a million people already told you that) there are still a lot of things that you need to understand why you shouldn’t be your neighbor or your crush’s girlfriend. And here’s my list of why: (more…)

Hand Sewing and Stitching Frustrations

“Sewing on going…”


Last week, the idea of sewing came into my mind and I longed for the long weekend that was about to come for me to start this new endeavor or activity. I list all the things that I need to buy and as the long weekend began we, me and my ever-supportive boyfriend, hit the department store and look for the basic things that I had in my list. Buying a sewing machine was at the bottom of my list at that time, all I want to do was to begin sewing and so we grab the basics: threads, needle, scissors, tape measure, hook and eye, garter and a meter-long fabric. My initial plan was to sew a shirt or a sweater for bunny, my grayish rabbit stuffed toy.  (more…)

The Fear of Waiting

The fear of waiting

The fear of waiting

When I was a child, my mother had an accident that almost took her life. She was travelling from my father’s workplace to our home, it was almost 6 in the afternoon, with her is my elder sister, midway between our home and father’s workplace, mother got into an accident. A stone, who came from nowhere, suddenly hit her head. She passed out after shouting “Agay!” (Ouch!). They were riding a motorcycle when it happened, my older sister who is about 9 years old at that time tried her best to hold mother but she can’t. Her small body can’t hold on to the weight of an adult.

We were waiting for them to arrive. It was almost dark and there seems to be a feeling of uneasiness in the wind. The breeze seems colder, or so I thought, I guess it’s the same feeling that you get when the first sign darkness of the afternoon kiss goodbye the sunlight that’s surrounding you. (more…)

Imaginary Sewing Kit and An Overly Attached Bug

Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

These past few days have been so busy for me: a new project came up and hmmm, well, the project is really busy. The initial plan was for me to do the translation part while my teammates do the testing. My job was to translate their help file from Japanese to English and as you know, my Japanese skills is not yet that  good. I know the basics: reading and writing in Hiragana and Katakana and maybe, just maybe a little, understanding simple sentences but when it comes to Kanji characters paired with a lot of technical terms the job seems impossible to do Thanks to the help of IBM King translator, Google translate and Jim Breen’s Text glossing capability, I was able to do my job. During those days that I’m patching the translations, not only did it test my Japanese skills– the most difficult test was on my English vocabulary. (more…)

An Unexpected Goodbye

The white one is mine, its pair is the gray one.

The white one is mine, its pair is the gray one.

I strapped you last night, securely. You were a bit wet because of the pour while I was playing soccer. I tried to dry you before putting you on but I didn’t have enough time for that. I have to eat dinner and fix a bug.

I strapped you last night, securely as I thought. Face down, so as no rain would wet you again. I ate dinner and went to the office. Brewed a coffee to keep me awake. (more…)

Plans and the Art of Revising

Yoga and soccer-- for a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga and soccer– for a healthier lifestyle.

I know I am not good at planning; neither in the act of religiously following it. I tend to plan something out and in few moments, I would change the plan–yes, revise it and forget about the original plan. I’m not making up excuses (or, maybe I am. Who knows), instead I’m trying to give a brief light of self-realization why I do this thing.

I might be fickle-minded (here we go again about being a woman) but for some, it’s just an excuse of not being well-disciplined and taking responsibility in our choices. I wanted to live with the principle of choices– choose and live with it. But the act of changing one’s mind once in a while is an act of choosing, right? It’s your choice not to follow the plan because you know that somewhere in between the start and the end of the plan, you’ll simply drop out of it. It’s better to stop when you know it won’t get you anywhere.  (more…)

Relationship—a perfect brew?



“Give her a relationship that everyone is jealous of.”

I laugh when I read this quote, not because a relationship that some people would be jealous of is somewhat not achievable (difficult but achievable); but because of the fact that the quote began with “Give”. I’m not saying that the concept of unconditional love should be trashed. Of course not! My point is, a relationship is not a one way street. It takes two to Tango. The list of cliche’s would go on and on about this topic. Looking at it at different angle or different level of maturity– it would mean the same, it will take two person who is committed enough to make a relationship work.  (more…)


old scribbles

old scribbles

I found my old scribbles on my old notebooks. They were written a year ago, while I was in the middle of a stressing/challenging project that was a bit difficult for me. The overtime work was more than I can imagine— it’s like taking a double shift in one day. Instead of giving in into the stress that the project would give me, I would write. Yes, I would scribble on my notebook during my breaks. Instead of taking that power nap, I would scribble and would think about life and some serious or funny stories that I wanna write in the near future. And since tonight, I guess I’m having some light (frustrated)writer’s block, I will be publishing some of the thoughts or stories that I scribbled.

====== (more…)

Affordable Domain Name and a New Challenge


A new challenge. The same endeavor but this time I’m taking this to a new level. Yep, a new level for my blog– my own domain name at last. This is one of the few things that every blogger wants to achieve(disclaimer: on my point of view) is to have your own domain, wherein you can write whatever you want to blurt out. (more…)

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