Failing and some Geeky moves

Last December, I took the JLPT ( Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and unluckily I flunked it. Yep. I failed the first language exam that I took and that was heartbreaking. And so as to avoid more heartbreaking scenario from this unlucky event, I promised myself not to take any Japanese language exam. It’s not about the language– I think it’s more on my wounded pride and some sort of self-preservation. I like the Japanese language– being able to read those hiragana, katakana and a little bit of kanji ┬áis a big achievement for me. I want to learn the language but maybe not now, not at this very moment wherein my focus on studying is away— searching for something that I don’t even know. I’m not having the infamous mid-life crisis– either I’m too young for that or the severity of my problem will not pass the category of a mid-life crisis. (more…)

I always listen to myself— always

Listening to myself :P

Listening to myself :P

It’s a human thing that we don’t like other people meddling into our life. Worst, we don’t like hearing criticisms (whether it’s constructive or not) because it hurts and sometimes, no matter how well we would try to convince ourselves that we are not perfect and that those hurtful words are there to make us realize our mistakes but it will eventually hurt. Deeply. (more…)

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