red tulips

red tulips

I dreamed about you last night, isn’t that something? I know, I know it’s been a while since the last time we’ve seen each other. Was that eight, ten or fifteen years ago– doesn’t really matter though, it doesn’t change anything, right?

I dream about the lake, yes– that special lake that we both loved. And the dream, though it’s not something new, is quite the same old story. Me, on my yellow sundress sitting on our picnic mat and trying my best to cover my legs as the wind playfully blew its breeze on me. And you, with your sheepish, boyish smile walks slowly towards me with something behind your back. I knew of course that it’s something for me and I would guess a thousand times that it will always be those red Tulips you picked on the garden near the lake. (more…)

Of Earthquakes and Trainings

earthquake in cebu

earthquake in cebu

This is one of the days that I wished that I am a stay-at-home freelancer doing some projects that I really don’t know what for, compared to a corporate developer going to the office and doing something that I do know what for. So what is wrong with that? None of course, but pair that with an 8-hour a day work with a little shaking of the ground and I bet anyone would wish to be at home and see their loved one as safe as they could be. Well, I have this paranoia (I have written a lot of blog posts about this) and just last Tuesday, October 15, 2013 the Philippines was struck with a 7.2-magnitude earthquake. The epicenter is in Bohol but it can be felt as far away from Davao City, around 1 hour plane ride from Bohol. (more…)

Reader’s Block and Excuses

I can't read anymore

Reader’s Block: I can’t read anymore

It’s quite frightening to realize that this year, I haven’t finished reading a lot of books and I still consider myself an “avid” book reader. I love reading but it seems the blogosphere is taking all my (reading) time, along with the news blog and some tutorials; hence, my time for reading book and the like seems to fade. I think it’s more on things that I need to finish and the things that I scheduled on weekends and even on my free time on weeknights. I do swimming and soccer on Saturdays and marathons on some Sundays. I also do jogging on weeknights, if I woke up late. Well, I’m trying to lose some weight and stay healthy. I think I have to improve my time management skills as well as my discipline on how to religiously follow my plans.  (more…)

Scary Books or Just my Imagination

Stephen King's Bag of Bones

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones

My all time favorite author will always be Stephen King when it comes to storytelling and frightening books. He has this ability to instill to me that I am inside this big nightmare and watching the characters in his book being jeopardize by every event there. It’s like being able to direct my own movie with his use of words and as much as I would like to close my eyes but I cant because I don’t want to miss the next scene from his books.

For me, books are really scary compared to that of movies because of the fact that I become the director of my own movie and the scariest part of it is the fact that my imagination is using my own set of fears and paranoia against me and thus, creating the best scene that would definitely make me pee on my own pants(hopefully not!).  Yes, it’s scary for me to imagine the scenes in his stories and somewhat, I think its one of the reason I get a lot of paranioa on some days, though, I think I’m making excuses for my paranoia or my twisted imagination. (more…)

The End

Hera looked at the woman, dark circles around her eyes and an untidy hair. Sitting next to her, it was impossible to say that this woman is her best friend way back in high school. She was a star during those days: cheerleader, captain of the softball team, school’s president, prom queen and even became the valedictorian. She was every girl’s dream during high school, the awards and the fame that she had in those days were unprecedented by anyone–even her, the best friend.

Their families were of close ties, their mothers were best friends and their dads would go on fishing every Saturday night. As a result, they grew up together and became best friends. They would share toys, stories and secrets. Sandra was the achiever of the two. She was consistent on the top lists: from school achievement up to the cheerleader board. She was a popular kid and an awesome exemplification of balancing studies and extra activities. Hera on the other side is the best friend. Always on the average. She loves to read and write some stuffs. Not that creative to be on the school paper and she doesn’t even know all the names on the list of her batch. She’s independent and she loves spending her time at home– sewing the latest skirt she saw on the internet or reading the books she bought out of her allowance. (more…)

The Length of a Skirt

For so many days now, I have been battling with myself whether I should write about this or not. Aside from the fact that since I have made a public profile, a facebook fan page to be exact, of this blog there is a greater possibility that my co-workers might be able to read this and hence, it might or might not affect my current career. And that being said will get us to a bigger issue on how our freedom of expression is usually tarnished by being known. Sometimes, a pen name and pseudonyms are more useful than being pinpointed as the one who have written this or that. Once you are a known person, the things that you say or the thoughts that you would write will reflect on how people will feel about you; one of the biggest dilemma of  our race. As a result, their feelings would become a top priority or a hindrance on what you should write or what you shouldn’t. A big NO. No. No. (more…)

Favors and the Golden Rule

I don’t like asking favors from anyone, not that I am one of those persons who can live alone in his or her island while the whole damn world is busy partying and enjoying life’s benefits, no, I don’t consider myself as such. Maybe, I’ll survive being alone, if for some reason there is that it should be the last thing or the most advantage thing to do. I’ll do that, if I have to or if I don’t have a single excuse or a single choice.

Back to my blab, I don’t like asking favors (Oh, I’ve said it again. Oops), it would take a lot of determination— physically, mentally, psychologically and from every other aspects that would grant me to say those words without stuttering or running away the moment I start blabbering. I’m not Superman or Batman or even Ironman, I’m just an ordinary person who is much more like everyone else, who sometimes need the help from people surrounding each one of us. (more…)

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