Obligatory Bye 2013 and Hello 2014 Post!

2013 has been a good journey for me. Thanks to all the people who made it with me and as the hours is ticking and 2014 is just around the corner, let me take this opportunity to say “Thank You 2013! This year is really awesome for me! Hope I’ll be having a blessed 2014.”

I had fun! The birth of this domain and the introduction of server and how to’s in the world of websites were superb. No words can really explain how thankful I am to have someone who’s very willing to explain everything. I started posting a lot of stories and thoughts, though I think I need to improve more– more and more in the quantity and the quality of the post that I can create. Also, I need to expand my new horizon and starts writing a really good short story and somewhere, write a novel! Yes. I wanna participate in the NaNoWriMo and really produce a  good one.

Well, on the reading side I’m only 18% of my goal! That’s 9 books/50 books this year. Well, I’m not that book-worm anymore but since Sugarplum gave me a Kobo Touch for my reading rendezvous I’ll slowly climb that ladder of success into reading around 150 books for 2014. Yey! That’s a lot but why not! It’s a challenge so it must be something that is out of my comfort zone.

I’m not really good at my finances this 2013 which by the way needs more and more improvement in 2014.

There will be travels– around Cebu for 2014!!! So I really need to be good at my finances as well as sharpen my time-management and stress-management!

Yay! Hoping to have a good year! Cheers to everyone!

For the heartaches, hurt and the bad things that happened in 2013, let’s not forget the lesson we had from them. For all the happiness, joy and smiles– let this be our inspiration to do good and more good for 2014! More blessings and love for everyone of us!

And every 1st of the month is our monthsary(me and sugarplum), so Happy New Year to us and Happy Monthsary! The whole world is celebrating with us. Hihi. :*


Off to a Vacation

Tomorrow, I’ll be going home– to Davao. It’s gonna be an hour plane ride and as you may know, I’m not a fanatic of plane rides but of course, I’ll try my best not to panic and trust the pilot and the carrier to do their job. I’m a little bit paranoid but somewhat, I can’t help but be excited of seeing my family, friends and my dogs. Home is something that will always be like that for me– a place where one can relax. Maybe, that’s one of the reasons that I worked away from home, so as not to mix work and my comfort zone. Yes, I’m really excited to see them and feel that familiar breeze of being at home.

I’ll pack for the week, well, my vacation would only be for a week but I’m quiet excited about meeting old friends and coping with what is happening in their colorful lives and of course, I heard I have a gift waiting for me at home. Horay!

And I’m also getting ready for this week-long vacation: 4 paperback novels (Coelho, John Grisham, Stephen King and Anne Rice), a Kobo reader (a gift from boyfriend– I know, I know I’m lucky :P) filled with 28 ebooks of different genre and the list might go up if I’ll buy another sets of ebooks. 😛 I’ll pack my dresses and other essentials later.

I’m hoping, wishing, and praying for a safe flight tomorrow.

What about you? What are your plans for vacation? See you around and enjoy the last week of vacation.

Happy New Year! May 2014 send blessings and more happiness to each one of us. Tata! :*

Timing and the Scent of Vacation

You may have noticed that I’ve been abandoning, ignoring and taking less care of my little blog and for the month of December have posted a very few posts. Here’s the list of the excuses reasons for such an unforgivable deed I have been exhibiting:

1. Time and Timing. I can’t get the right time or the perfect timing to write a post about a great idea. What I mean is that I get this great idea once and a while but I don’t have the time to go online and visit my dashboard and click that “Add New” button (that’s a lot of things to do) and type and type and delete some part then type again, add tags and set a category, grab some photos then click that ever-magical Publish button. No, I don’t get that right timing when I need it the most.  What I really get as of the moment: I get this great idea while I’m still in the office, coding and trying to cope with a very red delayed schedule. Or, on some days(very seldom days) when I get home earlier than the usual I get one of these problems:

– Ideas: flowing. Internet: not cooperating.

– Internet: Faster than the speed of light. Ideas: Dead. F1 please!

When I’m stuck with the second reason, I would try to resuscitate my brain to give me those artistic juices and gives off a good topic to write about. Well, it doesn’t work always (around 1 over 10 or worst, 1 over 10000000(that’s a lot of 0’s and parentheses)).  What really happens in this hopeless situation is: me staring into a white/empty space while the cursor is blinking at me. Yes, blinking seductively and giving me that tingling feeling— oh well, that’s an exaggeration already. 😛

A little detour, I can already smell the scent of Christmas Vacation around the corner and I hope and wish that my ideas, the internet and the timing would synchronize with me as I take this 2-week vacation and maybe produce some very good topic and blog post.

Another off-topic comment, I like what they did on the dashboard. 😉

I really don’t have any other reason for the slacking, so the list will only have a number 1. Have a great holiday everyone! And see you around the corner. :)

Of Lemons and Choices

I always try my best to let go of the bad vibes, the bad things and learn to accept what the current situation  is offering me. I tried to be good, good to the people around me and the life they chose. I respect choices thinking that eventually, people will give me the same respect that I had given them. It’s an unwritten rule of respect– you reap what you sow. I adore people who looks the world in the eyes and make their own choices, away from what society or those stereotype-right-values that were plastered everywhere. And when your choices resulted in something good and happy, it’s a big plus on whatever risk you took but somehow, I didn’t quite understand how people will always think that you made a wrong choice. How can the world say it’s wrong when you are happy? When the people around you are also happy about it? When there are a lot of goodness and happiness from it? How can the world brand it wrong and a bad decision?

I don’t want to hate about what people say about me, this world has more than enough of that. And in one way or another, it seems ironic that I don’t want to be a passive kind of person. I want to care but somehow, I lose those chances because people brands me. I don’t like complexity in the very air I breath. I want to live happily, peacefully and sometimes, these ideals are too far to achieve in this ground. In this very place I found happiness– I found the very truth of human nature, of how judging and grudging we are. How we can’t let go of one event over the other.

People gives off second chances but we never forget, one downfall and our mind will race through past failures and mistakes and what we’ll be left of is a list of mistakes. It was never forgotten nor forgiven, it was stored somewhere to be retrieved at the right time. We’re certainly ironic and no matter how hard it seems– letting go or leaving seems to be the easiest path to take.

It’s quite frightening but if you really look at the situation, it’s the only way out. A certain goodbye is helpful. Sometimes. It’s the other side of the coin that when life gives you lemons, it’s your choice to make a lemonade out of it or maybe, leave it somewhere for it to rot. I take some comments up to my bones and in the depth of my hearts; maybe, that’s one of the reasons people can easily wound me up– without them knowing it. I hurt a lot and bleed and tries my best to live with that pain. It’s the only way to cope with the situation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Let there be light
Let there be light. This photo was taken while we were at home and the electricity was out due to Typhoon Yolanda. It was at this particular moment that a lot of our fellow Filipino were trying to survive the rampage that Yolanda (International name: Haiyan) had brought in. We were lucky to be at home and safe; while others, were battling the rains and winds of Yolanda.
Let there be light. Let this be the light that each one of us need when our main source of light is gone, when Mr. Sun is covered by his clouds, let this candle be our flicker of hope and instill in our mind that this too shall pass. The sun will surely shine tomorrow. :)


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