I Thought I got the Beat

Daily Prompt: We got the Beat.



I grew up in a private Catholic school where they always teach us about the basics of Music.

First Grading period: Guitar

Second Grading period: Piano

Third Grading period: Drums, flute

Fourth Grading period: Performance. 

When I say always, it means that this course would repeat in my whole four years in High school (the high school system in the Philippines is quite different from that of other countries). I love music though I think music is not that in love with me. It’s one of those painful unrequited love scenario you’ve probably read about. Moving on, I tried my very best to learn the basics of both guitar and the piano, though as I would guess learning these stuffs mean that you should have a guitar or a piano at your fingertips. It’s the practice that matters when it comes to these instruments. Since my family didn’t have a guitar, the piano is impossible, I never really ever got a chance to play at home.  (more…)

Love and the Things I Barely Know

There are certainly a lot of words to describe how you feel for someone, from being physically attached to that person up to the I-want-to-spend-my-whole-life-with-you stage. Yes, those words flew by, day by day, syllable by syllable and more than once we get caught up with them because of this so called LOVE. It’s a powerful emotion, it makes people happy, angry, sad, stagnant, inspired– you name it, it can be cause by this four-letter emotion. Taking it to a higher notch of difficulty, there are certainly no common perception of what love is, even from ourselves, we definitely embody one of the greatest contradiction of love’s perception. Well, it’s still the love month so forgive me for dwelling into this topic on this boring night of the 25th, sometimes or always one must write about this topic. (more…)

Vice, Addiction, Stagnation

Just me and my shadows

Just me and my shadows

I woke up today feeling a little blue, nothing serious though. It’s just one of those days where you wanted to huddle in bed, slumber or cuddle, whichever is applicable for you.

Then, Bang! Sadness, worries and depressing thoughts would then end up in my own mind– at an early morning and congratulations! I just ruined my day.   (more…)

A Small Town: 7pm bed time

I grew up in a small town. Small, is what I used to call it because it was never the size of the city where I lived in today, though, if you would count the shorelines and the beach around the town, surprisingly it would be a bigger place. For the sake of my memory, let’s just stick into calling it a small town. Here, I’ve attached a map of the place. Yes, it’s at the tip of the Philippine’s southern place.

Mati City

Mati City

I grew up with the beach at my finger tips. My father loves the beach and would take us there every weekend. I grew up bathing under the sun(though, I almost drowned when I was still young). The beach, away from the prestige of high-end ones where cheap. They cost around 2PHP to enter and another 150 PHP for the place to stay; compare that to high end one where your 2 PHP won’t be enough for the fare.

It’s a small town, almost everyone knows somebody that might be connected to you. It can be traveled in less than an hour– yep, that’s the main town tour. I heard the place is a city now, good for them. Since I transferred here in Cebu, I wasn’t able to visit home– that home, that edge of the Philippines home. (more…)

Career and Writing: Embracing my world

Writing: Dream job

Writing: Dream job

I want to be a good writer as well as to be good in the craft that I belong. I want to read fictional books, fantasies as well as non-fiction, specifically programming books. As much as I want to be good in my hobbies, I also want to produce a tech blog. Yes, I want to write some nerdy stuffs that I think I’m not yet good at, it’s my path– my career, my chosen profession. And just like in writing, if I stop coding and practicing, the skills would just rust in the corner, withered with inexperience. I don’t want that day to come and to give myself a little more boost, I created another blog: www.tech.inksandscribbles.com. You can visit it for more information on techy things– some from simple and to difficult, complex things.;)  (more…)

Flowers on Valentine’s day: Mainstream Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day

I got a flower on Valentine’s day and it made me happy. :) Thanks for the effort. (more…)

Eleven Minutes and Possession

eleven minutes

eleven minutes

The second book that I finished this year is Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes. It’s about Maria, a 23-year-old girl who became a prostitute in a foreign country and stopped believing that she can find her true love, the one and the only man she’ll share her whole life with. It’s about a different route to love– something more about sex, making love and the acts that people do to satisfy one another. Maria’s diary were about the men she met as a prostitute– men who were powerful that seems to be trapped in the world that they never wanted to be in. She even had some version of herself that she would show to her customer, for her to understand them and give them what they wanted.  (more…)

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