Macro Monday and Preparation for the A-Z challenge

I never knew about Macro Monday but I’ve seen two post in my reader today: from Cee’s blog and from Uncle Spike’s blog. I like doing close-up photos or if they are certainly called Macro photos then maybe I’m a fan of Macro photos. I’m not a photography genius, I only use a point and shoot camera and try my very best to capture something with it. Here are some of them: (more…)

Street Life

Street Life

Street Life

This is the regular street life on where I live now. The city is a tangle of streetlights, wires, houses, establishments and its people. It’s not a high-end, developed city; rather, it’s a city with regular people, from all walks of life. A regular city in a regular day with regular people.  (more…)

The Long Journey Towards Being an Adult

Grow up not old

Grow up not old

There’s that single road that I should be taking everyday, as I open my eyes and leave the comfort and cuddly feeling of my bed and my home, I take that journey towards being a responsible adult. I go to work, 8 to 9 hours a day. I definitely eat three times a day, jog some extra mile when I’m in the mood and start some personal project when I have the extra time. On some days I read books, play soccer, post something, swim some more but definitely, I don’t feel responsible enough or a full-pledge grown up. Maybe I have this ideal state for an adult– someone who can do these stuffs, some super man/woman who is capable of balancing things along with work, life and self-improvement. (more…)

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves

Falling leaves

They were graceful,

Falling with the music.

Mimicking the beauty

Of a ballerina in trance.

I watched them fall,

With thoughts and words.

In waltz in my head,

My fingertips to yours.

I watched them dance

To the ancient music.

A whispering glee

With the warmth of your breath.

They whispered,

You whispered

The answer brought to life.


“I’ll cross the bridge when I get there,” it was the only reasonable answer that I could give him.

We were sitting there, side by side. His arms wrapped around me. A movie is playing on his laptop while I watch the Neem tree’s leaves fall down gracefully– like a ballerina in trance. There were a lot of emotions: happiness, excitement, fear, sadness, and amidst this mixture, I’m looking for uncertainty. Is it there?

He was passively watching the movie, his fingertips touching mine. I looked at him and those brown eyes took me in, my whole being, expressing what he knows into my eyes– silently confessing his love. I stared back, trying to fight off the awkwardness, gripping his hands. Facing the fears.

“Whatever it is that you want, I’ll be always here. I promise.”

I look away, watching the road ahead and the leaves that were still falling. I lean closer to him, his arms became tighter. I closed my eyes, felt his heart thudding and my heart beating in a rhythm that I don’t understand. I’m happier now, maybe even happiest. This feels right then it should be. I don’t want us to drain into the black pit of what if’s. I want us. I don’t want this to end even before the beginning. 

The beginning is always the most difficult part but after almost two years since I took a turn on that crossroad I can say that I have been in the happiest state in my life. I’ll always treasure that particular moment, that moment of the falling leaves because it marked a beautiful beginning for us.


This is in response of the Daily Prompt: If you leave. 

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“Continuous Integration is the practice where in you commit daily. Your code is integrated into the main line almost every day, slowly but surely, those small task that you do will have an enormous impact on the whole system if you’d integrate in one swift blow, right? We don’t want that to happen because it would be difficult to fix when all the problems are found at the end; what do you think is the advantage of Continuous Integration or CI, Mr. Jefferson?” the lecturer randomly picked a name from the list of the attendees. (more…)

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