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Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG is a type of online gaming where a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual world. It has its own community and depending on the game has their own version of clans, guild or tribe.

Players, same as in any other Role-Playing Game (RPG), get to choose their own race and class. They need to play the game to earn experience and to level up; earn money to load their characters with gears and the needed weapon. The quests are essential for earning items as well as a huge number of exp(experience). Depending on the creators, there are games that are free-to-play or pay-to-play.  Within the game, one can also purchase items that can be used to enhance the capability of each character.

As for me, I like to play free-to-play MMORPG. It’s a stress reliever for me and at the same time, it’s a form of socialization also. If the game play is really engaging, I stick to the game and try my best to level up and get good gears. As of the moment, I’m playing Neverwinter. You can check their official website here(more…)

Just Let It Rain

On some days, waking up a little bluer than the usual happens. May it be because of the weather, the humidity or some unresolved things hidden beneath one’s self.

Just Let it Rain

It might be human nature that on some days, humans tend to be a little happier and on some a little bit annoyed. The tendency to find something or someone to blame might present itself as an easy scapegoat  to the situation. It provides a relief on the situation that seems to be unreasonable.

People needs explanation for anything; it might be in the form of a divine plan, a coincidence or fate playing its role, as long as an explanation is given people tend to be satisfied by it. This is one of the greatest quest of humanity ever since, to find that sole truth– to find the reason for everything. After securing the turf for survival, humanity’s next goal is to find the answer for everything. For everything has a reason.  (more…)

Things To Know Before Sewing a Thing or Two

JNL Easy Stitch Sewing Machine

JNL Easy Stitch Sewing Machine

I love dresses and I would love to learn how to sew to make my own dream dress. 😀 

One Sunday afternoon, Sugarplum and I went to a hardware store to browse on some stuffs that he can bring to their new office. As for me, I just love wandering in between the shelves of the keys, locks, posts and some weird looking hooks. I also love the part where some bathroom fragrances are displayed. They really do smell good. As I wander around and thought I lost my boyfriend, I found him with a salesman engaged in a certain product. The salesman was explaining some discount, seven-stitch capability, even can sew pants– oh, they’re talking over a sewing machine.  (more…)

The Jump

The Jump (borrowed image)

The Jump (borrowed image)

“Now,” invitingly he extend his hands.

“I can’t. You know I can’t,” I try to back away. Feeling the hard rock bumped into my back as I try to get away from him and here.

We were standing in a big rock. At this height, we can be around 50 feet above the sea level. I wasn’t able to ask the depth of the jumping site, I never wanted to know. My feet are shaking, giving me all the reason to back away and go back in the safe haven of our cottage. (more…)

Selecta Save The Children Day – July 15 2014

Selecta Save The Children Day - July 15 2014

Selecta Save The Children Day – July 15 2014

You don’t need a cape or super powers to be a hero; sometimes, all you need to do is spare a little of your money/time for the less privileged. And even at this simplicity, some of us are too busy to look for the right charity or the right person to give our donations to. To address this problem, Selecta Philippines will held the Selecta Save the Children Day tomorrow, July 15, 2014. For every Selecta Ice Cream that you will purchase, the company will give 5 PHP to the Save the Children Fund. (more…)

Things to Do when You Don’t Have a Date on a Weekend

“I’m in a relationship. Yes I am. I’m not really kidding. But I don’t have a date today. :'(“

This sounds familiar, sounds like me. I’m the one typing this out, so maybe this is really me. *giggles*

Well, I’m just really bored that I don’t have a date today; maybe because in the serious, real world you don’t get dates every day. Like never. And sometimes, even on weekends too. Fear not my dear, it doesn’t mean that your other half doesn’t love you or he/she is fishing for another whale fish in the sea– let’s not jump into that conclusion, okay?

To get off you mind from the boredom/paranoid-state you’re feeling when this happen, try out my to-do list:

  1. Blog about your boredom and create a list like this one.
  2. Text him/her. If he/she didn’t reply, he’s/she’s really busy.
  3. Rearrange your room. (Second time this month for me. *evil laugh*)
  4. Rearrange your whole house: from the kitchen to your shoe rack.
  5. Separate your laundry. The basic: white and colored. 😉
  6. Oh, he/she goes online. Send him/her a cute smiley like this one: 😛 or this 😉 or this :)
  7. If he/she still can’t reply, he’s/she’s really busy. *try not to get too paranoid*
  8. Check your nails, they might need cleaning. Mine looks like a relic from the old good days. :'(
  9. Meditate. Meditate.
  10. Browse on old chat and laugh at your own corny jokes and punchlines. They’re really great in reminding you of what made you fall for him/her. It brings back that nostalgic feelings of butterflies in your stomach.

I think I’ll just stick to 10 at this time. I’m not really that bored(I swear!) but I’m looking forward to my next date. 😀

Why I Blog but still Can’t Find My Niche

What is your NICHE? (borrowed image)

What is your NICHE? (borrowed image)

I love reading and writing. These maybe the reasons why I blog and the same reasons why I still can’t find the my own niche. Niche, according to the internet and the things I’ve read on it, is a focused thing or writing(when it comes to blogging). It’s like finding your own voice, or finding what you really love to write about. It’s focusing on the strength of your passion to make the outcome more accurate as to what you have in mind.  (more…)

Can’t Stand Me

2 years ago. Boyfriend(not yet) and me

2 years ago. Boyfriend(not yet) and me

Daily Prompt: What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why? (more…)

Reasons Why This Site is Not so Plain Anymore

When it comes to designing one’s site, not everyone has the talent for it. Basically, not everyone is meant to be a designer. I for one will certainly not become one– I’m not a user-interface type of programmer. I would prefer delving into back-end programming rather than producing something which I really don’t have. Practically speaking, it takes a reasonable amount of talent and experience to be good at designing, with a mixture of some magically-embedded ingredients I can never grasp. But, let’s stick to the point that I really don’t know how to design or even pick what might be catchy for some. I can only give you a plain webpage–something plain as in PLAIN.  (more…)

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