Move-It: The Joy of Moving It



I like walking alone, sometimes.

I’m not a fan of walking down an empty road with just a lamp post ahead; what I like is more on walking down a busy street. Carrying my bulky backpack as I smell some sort of pollution from the passing cars because it gives me that feeling that I can certainly think here and be sure that I’m not really alone.

Here are some moving it thoughts that has been passing through and forth in my mind:  (more…)

Wrap-up Weekend: A Review and an Updated Plan

It’s almost 12 midnight here and I’m trying to buzzer beat again as I present you the first ever Wrap-Up Weekend that I’ll be doing for the blog schedule.

I’m not going to give out any excuses anymore and not talk about what can’t be done; rather talk about what can be done.


This week I only managed to post this two:

This means that I need more improvement in the coming weeks. As for that, I am really in a tight schedule because I am in the midst of a cross road. Of course, I may talk a little bit vague about it but I guess I’ll create a separate post about it when the right time comes (crossing my fingers).


As of this writing, I am still in the planning stage of the what to post. Here’s a list of what I can post.

  • Techy Tuesday -> I’ll be posting something about “Pragmatic Programmer” because I’m creating a presentation for my teammates about it and I thought of sharing it here too. :) Two birds with one stone, I guess.
  • Fizzy Friday -> I hope I can finish the Carnaza adventure and post it on time by Friday. 😀

I guess that’s the concrete plan as of now. And really, I’m still a little bit puzzled as to what to post tomorrow. :)

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the battle plan that I created a little over a month/months ago.

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Have a nice week ahead everyone! :)

Move-It Monday: Why I Need To Exercise Again

I miss Swiming

I miss Swiming

I Miss Running

I Miss Running

Hi there!

I’ve been sick since last week and I’ve been blaming it to the weather. I think mother nature is quite bipolar these days that she gets sunny in the morning, then a heavy downpour by noon, then a hot afternoon and to close the day– one final drizzle. I can’t seem to cope with her mood swings nowadays. And guess what, (what?) I got that runny nose, cough and some sort of fever that goes on and off too. :( I called in sick today and spent the whole day sleeping and trying to “fix” myself by drinking lots of waters and some medicines but I still got that runny nose and my cough sounds like a dinosaur and some alien in a gargling fight. Err. Sounds too much.


Life, Challenges and Choices

Take that boat wherever you want to go

Take that boat wherever you want to go

Life is not something that can be defined by humans. It’s sort of an adventure– whether it is somewhat scary, sad or boring– it’s life. And if you’ve never been to those extreme situation, maybe you’ve never lived after all.

I’m trying to understand myself. I’m quite ironic, I can sense it. One moment, I’m that unsure gal who happens to not know what I really want. I just accept life as it is. I eat what is served and not question it because I might be grateful that I am eating, rather than starving. (more…)

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