What Have You Done Today?


What have you accomplish?

What are your plans?

What do you plan to do with your life?

Every accomplishment, be it big or small, started out as a plan. Slowly, the plan evolved into something more. Each steps are necessary, with the previous one building the new one. If we take every big accomplishment that we had, it would sum up to what we were doing with our one day. One day. 24 hours. Numerous minutes. A bigger number when we count it in seconds. That’s how we accomplish things, by spending that precious one day that we can never take back. Ever. Again.


A New Monday

Unexpected Goodbye

New beginning (Again?)

It’s not really a good idea to begin the week with a bit of a depressing post, right? Hey, it’s Monday and it should mark the beginning of the work week. If I start posting some saddening, gut wrenching post here I might as well start ruining my whole week. Okay, I’m a bit over-reacting here. (more…)

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