Preventing the ‘Sunday Dread’

Preventing the Sunday Dread

It’s a Sunday night and that feeling that it’s going to be a long work week ahead is piling up inside me and I can’t seem to properly take my Sunday night rest. Thoughts about my unfinished task, the bugs I need to fix, the blog posts that I’m planning to prep and post are cramming inside of me and pushing me to a depressive state. Stop!

That’s really what a Sunday Dread is all about, it’s about the dread of Monday. Monday, whose sole fault is being the first day of the work week and thus is quite dreaded by a lot of people. I don’t want to jump into the bandwagon of Monday haters as it might ruin my whole work week. Remember, it’s better to start happy than annoyed or stressed out. I really can’t function well when I’m stressed out, it’s in me and I’m trying to play around that phase by trying my best not to be in that phase. Haha. Prevention. (more…)

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