A bad handwriting


I can still remember the first words that I wrote; not that I can guarantee that it was really the first but I can guarantee you it was the first that I do remember and it was my name. I don’t know if it is normal but I was shocked(not really that electrifying kind of shock) that I have a different first name. I mean as a child, I don’t write my name many times filling in forms or taking an exam; I play all the time and I was addressed by everyone using my second name(though at that time, I thought it was my only name). Moving forward, my mom wrote my name in a piece of paper and made me write it again. That was the only time that she had given me a lesson. She doesn’t like forcing us to study. It was our decision to make. 😉
Well, I grow up to be fine except for being a fickle-minded on some stuffs that I want–call it stereotyping but I’ll have the excuse of being a woman. 😛 I have this problem of writing or doing something and changing my mind once in a while; a bad subject? Or, just plain laziness? Or, maybe, just my bad handwriting. I can’t say it’s bad all the time but when the laziness kicks in, I’m as guilty as I can be. I can write nicely at the beginning but as the words and time progresses I can feel my hand aching, thus, I have to make a split-second decision, I have to sacrifice the neatness of what I am writing; I need to fasten up the pace for me to be able to cope with my thoughts. Yep yep. It’s my thought that is on high gear and speeding up like crazy that forced me to have this bad handwriting. It’s not really that bad, is it?
Sometimes, I’m making excuses for these stuffs. Tehee. 😉 oh well, I hope I’m not making another one. Just kidding. This phone and its mini screen is all I have right now, so please bear with me or I’ll turn into a bear. O.o

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