A Cooking Lesson

Bitter gourd

Grabbed from the internet

To create a great recipe, one must be relaxed. Sip your tea before you begin. Today, we’re going to cook something that might give us some lessons about life.


  • 2 cloves  garlic
  • 1 medium sized onion
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 bitter gourd
  • 1 teaspoon oil
  • salt and pepper to taste.


1. Heat the pan. Remember that heating the pan is an essential part of cooking. The right amount of heat can make or break the food. Just like in life, we don’t want it to be too cold. We want life to be bursting with colors, with just enough numbers of experiences, arguments and happiness. We’re a bit odd, we long for conversations and some exchange of thoughts but, on some occasions, it can turn into a heated argument that we break relationships and people. I’m not really sure why but if I’m allowed to say it, I think it has something to do with the way we articulate our words and its delivery. So remember to heat the pan but make sure it’s just the right amount.

2. Add the oil.

3. Add the garlic and let it sizzle. According to cookbooks and online recipe that I’ve read , we should wait until the garlic turns into golden brown. According to my friend Jhon, it’s never about the garlic turning golden brown but it’s about the smell and the way you feel about the garlic when you sauteed it. That my friend is the only thing that you should watch out when cooking a garlic. It gives you a sense of responsibility over the garlic and that you are in control. Not that I don’t trust what those cooking guides have taught but we have our own version of brown. Of golden brown. What if my golden brown is still not acceptable for you? Or, worst what if my golden brown would turn out to be a burnt garlic? See, it’s like the decisions that you and I make in this life time. Humans have a lot of truth and right senses but we let other people dictates us to their truth. You and I should start trusting our own instincts and listen to what we really feel. It’s high time that you decide based on what you feel is right and what your inner voice is saying. The garlic would be okay, as long as you are paying enough attention to it.

4. Add the onion. 

5. Now, add the bitter gourd. Don’t start stirring them all just yet. According to some technique I learned from my boyfriend, the bitterness of the gourd will be prevented from worsening if you don’t stir it too often. Remember your last break up? Or, the person who busted you? Or, the person who disappointed you? Well, forget them. Or, forget the hurt. If you start opening and stirring what you feel inside and adding more hurt and bitterness each time you remember, you’ll definitely end up becoming bitter. See, if you would just cover the pan and let it stay still for a minute or so, the gourd would be less bitter. Open it up when it’s time and stir it slowly, for a limited number of time only. Then place the cover again. Trust me, this will make you and I less bitter and hopefully the gourd too.

6. Add salt and pepper. Life isn’t about being too happy always. It’s about adding a dash of experience, whether good or bad, and learning from it. Just make sure that you don’t add too much salt or pepper as it will really affect the taste of this dish or your life.

7. Add the egg. Remember to be patient. Don’t stir too much.

8. Served it while hot and enjoy your dish! Enjoy life as you like it to be. Don’t let the burnt garlic or the bitterness of disappointment severe your perception of happiness. Happiness will always be your choice. Choose to be happy. Enjoy life because it’s short and it’s a once in a life time experience. :)

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