A Late Valentine Post

Four days ago, people were busy hustling around town trying to buy the best gift that they could give to their special someone. Prices of chocolates, flowers, necklace or even the smallest balloon with the word “LOVE” written all over it sky-rocketed. Why not? It’s one of those days that vendors are allowed to double or even triple the price of these stuffs. Some may say that the real spirit of Valentine’s was lost long ago– what we have now is a commercialization of the event. With the advent of the internet and social media sites, people were given easier tool to compare and contrast how each individual celebrates their own Valentine’s. And the prices are getting higher and higher.

On the contrary, I was still surprised to get a bouquet, chocolates and a dinner. I maybe one of those idealist who thinks flowers and chocolates are too mainstream and are too expensive for this occasion. Still, the thought that someone wants to make me feel special and loved during this day is a better reason to smile and be contented and accept the fact that Valentine’s day may be a normal day for some, a nuisance for some or maybe its spirit was long ago drowned by expensive  flowers and chocolates; but the effort of people who wants to make sure that you’re happy today should not be a waste.

We have our own definition of the true spirit of Valentine’s and I have my own and I already saw it in the eyes of the man who makes me happy day in and day out — with or without a bouquet. 😀


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