A Little Sunshine Please

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe room was a little bit darker than ┬áthe usual. It was already 10 am here, so I decided to maybe add some light into the room. I got up and went into the switch and click– the room was flooded with lights. I switched it off. It was already 10 am, for sure the world’s biggest and brightest star is up and shining its rays upon this world. The window called me. Like a little child that shyly shows itself, the little rays of the sun seep through the little opening of the window. The curtain made it so impossible for me to see them, it was hanging proud and blocking every rays of sunshine that might come in.

I slowly walked into the window and looked at the curtain. Green with flowers embroidered around it. It was a beautiful curtain, sadly, it blocks something more beautiful than it is. I felt the fabric through the tip of my hand and I slowly, slowly as I could, opened the curtain. The sunshine flooded the room– as fast as it can—like a speed of light, as it always does.

And it hit me. A strong feeling. An urging to be under the sun again. How I miss waking up at home with all the sun rays that every child wished for. And as the day progresses, more and more sun would came into my doorstep and into my life. And when I grew up, I got accustomed to the sun– it’s blazing heat, burning the skin that is covering me. It was good. A good sun tan is not that bad when you had that moment to play under it. How I miss the sun and the fields and the cold winds and the game. How I miss playing, kicking my heart’s out. And I miss the sun rays while riding his motorcycle, hugging him closely as possible, trying to get rid of the wind and the dirt it brings that could ruin my make up. I miss the sun and his back.

Here, in this place, I always get a little sunshine. And I want more sunshine and more memories. A little more sunshine please.

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