A New Monday

Unexpected Goodbye

New beginning (Again?)

It’s not really a good idea to begin the week with a bit of a depressing post, right? Hey, it’s Monday and it should mark the beginning of the work week. If I start posting some saddening, gut wrenching post here I might as well start ruining my whole week. Okay, I’m a bit over-reacting here.

Goodbyes and endings are a bit sad or they are really sad. They take away that wonderful puzzle in a great piece. It’s the part where we came to realize that something would be missing— forever. This might sound too pessimistic but definitely this is the truth without the sugar coats.

Goodbyes and endings are great reminders that life goes on and how we view it, on a positive or negative light, would depend on us. I want to view the changes as a mark of a new beginning. I’m sad because I found something so great that I want to keep it. I want to immense myself with it because it’s a bit of human nature to feel this way. To feel that gripping selfishness towards the things, people that we come to love. I can’t control everything. I can’t hold the world in my palm, I can’t stop the tide, the blowing of the wind or even the blazing sun. I can’t stop goodbyes or endings. I can’t stop them because it’s their due to time to say goodbye.

I don’t want to view this as an unexpected goodbye– a short lived one. I want to view this day as a New Monday. Maybe, as time would passed by, I’ll definitely understand why things has to end. What hurts the most is the fact that this feels so good, so right that it definitely left me speechless. I really don’t know how to react to goodbyes because I’m awkward and the pain doesn’t sink in instantly. It creeps into me slowly, making sure that it would leave a mark.

But, let’s not be pessimistic and cover our sun with our own gray clouds. Let me view this day as a beautiful Monday morning where I get the chance to experience brand new things. :)

Let’s cheer up!

Happy Monday everyone!

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