A Silent Wedding

silent wedding

silent wedding

There was silence as she walks down the aisle, as the guest looked at her with adoration and some sort of pity. She bite-off the thought of turning back and running towards the door, away from this feeling that people called as “the cold feet” that every bride-to-be usually feels. She smiled because it was the only right thing to do; because if she won’t, the tears might fall and might ruin her wedding. It’s her wedding, it’s the most special day of her life and she’s marrying the man of her dreams. The only man that she ever loved. This is her fairy tale.

There were petals falling down from the ceiling– just the way they wanted it to be. Every bridesmaid and groomsmen were dressed according to their favorite colors– just as planned as well. Oh! How charming and beautiful they look. The interior design of the church and even the administering priest were handpicked. It will be the wedding of the year. 

Everything was perfect– up to the little details of the wedding but, as of now, everything seems unfair. All the guests were in black. She was in her wedding gown and holding a bouquet of red roses. His mother was crying–of happiness and loss. A loss that’s permanent. It’s not like she can’t visit him after this, she would gladly open their home to his mother.

There are losses that are incomparable to one’s son leaving home to make his own home. There are losses that are permanent. That moment when people tell you that it’s their time– the right time to bade goodbye to this world of the living. On the contrary, how do you call this the right moment? When that person leaving this world is a groom-to-be in a week, leaving a girlfriend that would probably never know what it feels like to be his wife. Yes, how do you give that shit explanation of right timing and well-planned life when you looked into the eyes of his bride?

She walks the aisle remembering each moment, each step she takes, every tears that she can’t hold off as she sees him, lying peacefully in his coffin, wearing his wedding tuxedo– silently attending his wedding.

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  1. Love the twist in this! Accomplishes such a strong idea in a short time. Echoes the light and dark of traditional fairy stories. Great post.

  2. Nice. I like how you traverse the emotions in the story. Keep writing.

    • Thank you very much AngelCute143.. Raaaawr.


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