A Sunrise

Sunrise cebu

Last week, Sugarplum and I went to Cagayan De Oro City to attend the graduation of his younger brother. To save up, we decided to take a ship instead of a plane ride, airfare costs around three times more than the regular ship¬†fare. Another advantage of going to ship ride is the fact that it’s just an overnight travel from Cebu to Cagayan De Oro. If you can sleep away the tides of the ocean, then this is a really good option for you.

Sugarplum had been on many boat trip so he was really sound asleep while on the sea. As for myself, this is just my second time trying to sleep on a boat and I get a little bit dizzy but it’s not too much that I could still go back to sleep. I just imagined that I’m on a hammock near the sea shore, relaxing like a pro. I would also wake up in the middle of the night or the early mornings because it’s the peak hours of those waves shaking the ship. I try my best not to get too paranoid that the waves would be too much for the ship to handle. Hoho. Paranoia is really just around the corner.

We left the port of Cebu City at around 8 in the evening and arrived at Cagayan De Oro City just in time to capture some magnificent sunrise. A relaxing view to begin your day.

Sunrise Cagayan De Oro

Upon going back to Cebu, the ship was a bit early and left at around quarter to 8 and arrived before 6 AM in Cebu. I was hesitant to get out due to the fact that it was a bit dark and I might not get a good glimpse of the sunrise. Well, I never knew that it’s the perfect timing to capture that early morning sunrise of Cebu.

Sunrise cebu

Isn’t it majestic?

Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s a great sky and it makes me want to see it over and over again. If I could take a glimpse of this beautiful sunrise everyday of my life, I would ¬†definitely have a good day! I also realized, with an input from Sugarplum, that I should really try to start my day early. Try my best to become a morning person. It makes the day a little bit longer than waking up at around 8 or 9AM because I work at home now.

The sunrise made me realize that it’s been five months already since I started being a home-based worker and my fitness plan, blogging plans and all other self-enhancement plans are still on the rocks. It’s high time I try to wake up before Mr. Sun and try my best to fit in my ‘busy’ schedules my personal development plans. Be it in fitness, web/mobile application development, business or even the posting of blog like this.

Well, I hope it’s not yet too late for me to start again or continue with my plans.

What are your plans for the future? What are your personal development goals? Share it here. And share some tips on achieving them!

Thank you! xoxo

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