Adultery by Paulo Coelho: A Different Perspective in Love and Relationship

Adultery by Paulo Coelho: A Different Perspective in Love and Relationship

Sugarplum, boyfriend/critic, told me one time that I usually give 5 stars on every book that I read. This is based on my goodreads’ account and the review and rating I would give on the books that I finished reading. Thinking about it, I generally think that this is based on me being a little bit of a picky reader. Yes, I consider myself a picky reader because I do pick my books based on my previous experience with them. I won’t read a book from the same writer if I think that their previous book is not good, it has something to do with what I deem as good or pleasurable book. Inside my safe haven of collection, I can generally enjoy every books that experience taught me to be good. Seldom do I travel the risky path, i.e. read a book from a new author. This is the reason why I always give 5 stars to book that I do read.I still need to widen my favorite authors and will try some more experiment on different authors. Someday.

Moving on, I bought the new book of Paulo Coelho– Adultery. Before I go to goodreads and give it a 5 stars and tell everyone that it’s a must read, let me tell you about why I think it deserves a 5, 6 or infinite number of stars. I like the author of this book and so I was expecting it to be amazing and YII. Yes it is!

Art is not a one way street. It must be something that both the creator and the receiver can feel. I consider reading a book as an art, it’s a two way street. The author gives you something that is personal and the experience, whatever you feel while reading, is your own way of feeling the art.

This book doesn’t talk about relationships in the happily ever after tone, it explores a common issue– Adultery. It explains, in a very frank and plain form, why adultery happens. It can hit anyone. It can hit people who lives with their perfect spouse. It can hit people who are in a good or bad relationship. It comes into play when people starts to become too comfortable with each other, something that happens when you live with your partner under one roof. It’s a by-product of boredom. When you’re afraid that you’re living in the same routine and you’re afraid that it will or will not change.

The book just doesn’t talk about adultery, it explores love. It talks about the greatest love of all and it explains to me what I believe in. I’m a born Catholic and  though I have seen/read the greatest tragedies of the past caused by religious conflict and belief, I still don’t want to convert to some other affiliations or be an agnostic or atheist. I have nothing against them. In my opinion, religion or affiliation will not make us good in the eyes of our God. It’s on how we treat other people. Love of Men on this earth is, for me, the surest ticket for us to be good in the eyes of our God.

The book also talks about fears and it hits home for me. I used to fear the night, I cannot help but feel helpless when the darkness starts to creep in. Dark and morbid thoughts would consume me and that would lead me to sleep in the living room of our house when I was in High school, because I can’t sleep in the room with my sister when she wants to turn off the lights. It took me so long before I could start sleeping in dark rooms. The night is a reminder to us of how small we are, it makes us realize that the whole universe is so big that we sometimes fear it. In the book, Linda was told to embrace the night. And I hope I would be able to follow that too. I need to embrace the night and realize that the universe is a huge place. Huge places doesn’t need to be feared but it offers an opportunity for us to explore it. It’s a reflection of our life. Our darkness and our light comes hand in hand to create us, and we have every opportunity to explore it and learn who we truly are.

The book also explored the path where adultery is in the lime light, when one man and woman commit it. For Linda, it’s a form of excitement which leads for her to have a more exciting physical relationship with her husband. It did light up her world and made her feel so alive. But it also explore the consequences of doing those things. Sure, it did light up her world for a few days but the consequences were also nerve wrecking. And things like this doesn’t end well and surely it didn’t for her. Luckily for Linda, her husband treasure her and their family. He is a logical man that doesn’t want to know the details but surely understand why things like that happens.

The book reminds me of not stopping in the quest of love. Love does changes it forms and it requires to be work on. Love is something that is hard to fathom, it defies the rules and norms of any society. Relationship is not built on our ideas of love, surely it’s the beginning of it but whether it would last or not is definitely on the hands of its player. In my opinion, some relationships doesn’t work out well because of over or under expectation. We all have this ideas about great love, perfect relationships and the like, but if we are willing to work on it or not will define if we’ll reach it or not. Some people think that great relationships are given, I would dare to go a little overboard and tell you that it doesn’t. Nobody will give you a great or perfect relationship because it’s a two way street. You reap what you sow. If you think that your partner is great and you are also doing your part in your relationship, then you have achieved the greatness or perfectness in a relationship.

Love is something that we cannot measure, other people’s idea of a great love or a great lover might be different from our own but it doesn’t mean that people won’t understand it. It’s different but in some level of frequency, there is a pattern in which the music is the same. In its language, love is understandable in its own complication.

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