Affordable Domain Name and a New Challenge


A new challenge. The same endeavor but this time I’m taking this to a new level. Yep, a new level for my blog– my own domain name at last. This is one of the few things that every blogger wants to achieve(disclaimer: on my point of view) is to have your own domain, wherein you can write whatever you want to blurt out. I am not against all those sites who offers free hosting and a free blog for everyone– I started there, that is where I started to write and the reason why right now, I am still writing. And I will be forever grateful to those sites special mention for wordpress and blogspot *winks*. When you have your own domain and you can control everything that is happening and will happen in your blog– that is what we call as optimizing your skills and taking the challenge into the next level. I want to learn more about blogging, I want to customize this part of my blog and also, I want to do this and that and the list would go on and on about those stuffs that I want to do. Of course, this is also an improvement of my technical skills.

One of the main problem of any blogger that I know is that domain names are a bit expensive and for someone who is just starting his or her blog that might be a real problem. And as for me, I need to try this one out with a minimum risk– I can’t risk around 10$-12$( I don’t have the luxury to spend those amount for a domain name)– luckily, I have a super-nerdy boyfriend (peace!). He searched and found a site where they offer (for a limited time, I guess) a super affordable domain registration. Since we already have a server, running for around 5$ per month from Digital Ocean, we only need a domain name and *drum rolls* he found a site where they are offering for the first year the cheapest price that we’ve seen– 1.16$. It was unbelievable. He was in a cloud nine state when he found the site. It was like a free pass to a movie but this time it’s a bigger opportunity to grow our technical skills and my writing skills. All you need is generate your code when you sign up/register to their site. Here’s the link for that.Click the Generate Coupon code and you’ll be redirected to the sign-up page. Register and you’re good to go. A coupon code will be generated for you and that will be your ticket in purchasing a domain name for 1.16$. Copy the coupon code and purchase your desired domain name. This is not a paid article my dear, this is my way of saying “Thank you” for this great opportunity and a way of sharing this to anyone who might be interested to offer like this. And a friendly reminder, I think the offer will expire soon so do something now.


I don’t consider myself as a pro in blogging. I still commit a lot of mistakes and sometimes, I can’t even update my blog but this opportunity has come and I will take it. I will take this blog to the next level. :)


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  1. Girl, thanks! Hahaha. I finally bought my old domain. Weeeeee. It’s possible to redirect your wordpress with this domain but it’s 13$ a year. Tsk. I wanted to buy another domain but unfortunately, the coupon is only good for one purchase. Hahaha. And I can’t use it to buy even I register another account. Sad. :( Thank you, though. Mwah :-*



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