An Eggy Life

Egg photos. Not mine.

I am a happy egg and I love this world. After being stuck for so long inside Mother hen, I now appreciate the bright world outside. The shining sun, the blue sky, the flying birds and the very little details of this eggy life.

After coming out from Mother hen, she used to cover me and my sibs. That was too much; imagine 6 of us in a very tiny nest and to make things worst, it was dark and no proper ventilation  I don’t know what my mother was thinking but it was definitely the worst place ever. And the place where we were situated was an old barn. An ageing barn and all the animals around are old to be our grandfather, imagine my frustration when I learned no one knows how to operate a computer. Argh! That was too much for me to take.
My happiness bursted when one day, good guy Sam took us into his mini van. He placed each one of us in an individual room with all the comfort that you could imagine and a big plus for the air-conditioned van. Mother was angry when Sam took us but I told her we would go. I don’t want to be an egg in this barn, I wanna be something else. I wanna see the world and all those big technologies that the world offers. Mother was upset but the barn owner will take care of her. I’m sure of that.

The ride was a bit bumpy. Tsk. Tsk. I guess the road to the barn hadn’t seen the light of cement yet. I fell asleep during the trip. And when I woke up a fresh looking young man was transferring us into a much cooler place. I was at the far end of the tray. And I regretted not bringing my jacket, the cold was too much. I tried to reason out with the fresh looking man that it was too cold but he only smiled and told me my other bunkmates need this coldness. I just snuggled with my sister in the corner.
The next day, a lot of people passed in front of us. They would take some of my bunk mates and some of my friends in the egg tray. I guess it’s high time to get ready for whatever is coming our way. I bade goodbye to my brothers and sisters and told them that an adventure is waiting for us. I sat there. Excited. Very excited.
My turn happened when it was almost closing time, a lady with the red lipstick took me and two other eggs. I was so excited I nearly tripped. I tried to calm myself but I can’t. I just can’t. I was so happy.

Her home was a much better place than the barn. It has a television. A flat one. And a computer was sitting next to it. I was amazed. I nearly cracked literally.

“Mama, what’s for dinner?” A boy with a blue eyes asked.

The woman in red smiled and put me and my friends in the table. It was a big brown table and a bunch of flower was in the center. I tried not to roll but my body kept sliding me into the side. Luckily the boy catch me before I hit the edge.

“Tonight is egg soup night with asparagus,” the mother replied happily.

What’s asparagus? I have never seen one in my whole life. And I think a soup is a very special dish. Maybe it’s delicious especially the egg soup. Err. What? Egg soup? What’s happening? No. It can’t be. I didn’t leave the farm to be an egg soup. No. No. That will be too unfair. I tried to scream but the water was already boiling. And the crack I got from the side of the bowl was enough to make me dizzy.
Mother was right. The barn is the safest place for me. I could have been a chick if only I listened to her. And my soul was crushed.

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