An Unexpected Goodbye

The white one is mine, its pair is the gray one.

The white one is mine, its pair is the gray one.

I strapped you last night, securely. You were a bit wet because of the pour while I was playing soccer. I tried to dry you before putting you on but I didn’t have enough time for that. I have to eat dinner and fix a bug.

I strapped you last night, securely as I thought. Face down, so as no rain would wet you again. I ate dinner and went to the office. Brewed a coffee to keep me awake. Tried to fixed my bug. Tried. It was still a bug until today, that’s another round of over time work for today. Going back to my story, we decided to go home and spend the night watching movies or surfing the net.

He gave me the bad news. He was a bit furious because the guard or the steward of the place was a little bit rude to him. He reported that we lost you and was trying to ask nicely and hoping that you just fell down and might be given to them. She answered rudely so he was a bit furious to her. He went to me and told me you were gone.

I don’t really know how to react to situations like this. An unexpected goodbye from a friend that is always with me when I travel. A companion who would protect me. I will miss you good ole friend– my helmet.


I’m getting a little bit dramatic on things like this but it really did saddened me to lost my helmet. It was stolen last night. :(

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