Antics To Be Heard or Just Plain Racist?



Nowadays we would do anything to be heard, to be viewed, and to have the audience that we wanted for so long. Ironically speaking, we have every tool for this to happen: we have social networks, blogs and every nook of the internet for us to say what we want to, but not everyone has the right audience or, some of us doesn’t really have the audience– strictly speaking. What’s the point of saying posting things if no one would hear read what you’re saying? For some, it’s nothing. We post things to be heard, to let people know that we have feelings too or, to find someone who shares the same dilemma. And so, we hire SEO agents for us to land in the first page of search engines but, it’s costly. Although at the end of the day, we can gain some from ads and all– it is still a tedious work to do.

So what do some people do? 

If you knew that you would get a higher page view by just doing one post, will you not do it? If you are willing to pay the price, you can drive all the traffic of one country from their social networking site to yours, will you not gamble? Why not? It’s like skipping all the unnecessary steps of word-counting, editing meta data, having relevant links and all the SEO stuffs that you don’t want to do– by just one post. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s amazing how angry netizens can make your site jump from 0 to something. Yes, angry. This is what I have seen as the new antics of people who wants to be a superstar overnight. They would take one moment to just do one post– one racist post, one name-shame post or anything against one country. And then, tada! The traffic that they wanted to have for so long is theirs. No SEO agent needed– just some angry netizens who would do the sharing dirty work for them in the peak of their emotions.

This is what I have observed after seeing a lot of articles or posts with racist/insult comments within them against us, Filipinos. Yes, I am a Filipino and I have every right to rebut what have been said against us–directly or indirectly speaking. But, I am not writing this to say some excuses against what those bloggers have said. I am writing this because I am a blogger too and it saddened me to realize that some bloggers would add some more insult to injury by making derogatory comments against a struggling third world country to gain the audience that they want to have.

It’s effective and that’s why some blogger would even dare to do it. This is not even limited to the Filipino people, other races has/had this same experiences. Maybe, a short message to my fellow countrymen and to those who wants to accept or read this post, just maybe it’s high time that we learn from this experience. When someone hit us with commentary about our being not “rightful”, not “good enough” to be something more or whatever that gut-wrenching comment might be, let’s not sensationalized it. When we add emotion– especially anger, we are inviting more and more haters. Or, we are enticing people to do what those few did because we are driving traffic to their site. And no effective law is against it, some countries penalized it but it’s not that effective yet. We can’t help racist comments or direct insults to be given to us but we can stop taking them to the front page or the first page of search engines.

And to those few people who thinks that those Filipino working in their country should be sent packing to where they belong–their homeland…

Here’s something that people should realize about Filipino people.

– Filipinos are known to be of close-family ties. This might not be the case for everyone but this is common among my country men. And using some kind of reasoning, it is safe to assume that those who works overseas misses their family here. And that if they are given the chance to find a work here that could give their family a better life, do you think they would still go overseas? Where it means that you would lose the opportunity to see your new baby take his first step, attend your child’s graduation, or even celebrate family dinners. But, if you stay here where the jobs are rare and the jobs that are available can’t even buy a decent meal for your family. Where you won’t be able to send your daughter to school? Will you let your loved one suffer,  instead of being away for 10 years and give them a better life? Maybe you won’t have this dilemma because your government can provide you with high-paying job but it’s not the case here in the Philippines.

Risks.When you go to a new land, you need to learn the language, the culture and how to deal with the new people around you. The adaptation phase is not an easy path to take and it takes time. I have seen mothers, fathers, sons and daughters calling home and crying over the phone, wanting to go home but they simply can’t. Browsing through tons of news about foreign worker being harassed or some even faced death in a foreign land is as scary as it is for anyone.

The list could go on forever but let me stop with these two points and I hope that those things are enough to give light and realization for some that they should not to hit foreign workers in their area or country, be it physical or emotional. It’s not their choice that they are suffering being away from their family, please don’t add more to their suffering. Somewhat, our government now is fighting over a couple of islands with other countries, fighting corruption by suing a list of powerful politicians (not all but certainly some), getting ready for the next election and forgetting the poor people in the country. And whether we like it or not, those Filipinos who are working in your country are trying to fend for themselves and their family because their country can’t give them a good job.

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