Battle Plan to Become a Consistent Blogger

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Hey there!

Did you miss me?

I think I was gone for about three days already, gone in the sense that I still have no sense of discipline when it comes to posting something in this blog. I know I’ve been confessing about this glitch in my being and am still one of those people who are a little bit indifferent on their own lapses. I tend to forget to post, even though I promised myself for the nth time already that I will be posting something and in some way, some more on this blog but then I always find myself in the middle of the week or the weekend, with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Then the phase of questioning comes in:

What’s wrong with me? 

Am I too lazy? 

Is it the schedule? What’s wrong? 

The questions would then stack up with a lot of answering to do and with it, comes a new series of phase: the depression. Okay. Okay. Let’s not delve some more on my too paranoid, super worried thinking but rather, let me try (once again) to be a little bit adult-ish. A little bit responsible so as to shove away the worrying part.

My good friend, MissAdventures, posted something about a blog schedule to cope with our series of crazy schedule and activities, so as to make sure that blogging would partake a bit of our time. And from her, I got the idea of trying to make a schedule on posting here. Yehey! Yay.

So hear ye, hear ye. Here’s my schedule for the what-to-post and when-to-post here in Inks and Scribbles.

  • Move-it Monday – post about fitness/exercise/diet (yes, on some days I tend to move a muscle and control my eating habits) Yay. This is something new, both for you and me. 😉 Watch out for the series.  And I included in this series the recreation, which may or may not include my Sewing experience. More of this on the next Monday. 😛
  • Techy Tuesday – I’m an R&D Engineer and a Computer Science by diploma, maybe I know some techy/geeky/nerdy stuffs that I want to share. Yay. Let’s see what I can offer, right? 😀
  • Witty Wednesday – As much as I love writing codes, on some days, I also love some sort of fiction. I write stories and I participate (when I met the deadline) on some prompt. Sometimes from Daily Post, Tipsy Lit or from Elizabeth. Let’s discover what my abilities are in this field.
  • Tersely Thursday – Tersely. A new word for me. Tehe. I searched for the rhyming and the meaning and to create some sort of meaning and the like for this schedule. This day is dedicated for Book reviews(something new again!) and my reading milestones or experiences. I’m making this schedule to hit two birds with one stone– improve my reading experience as well as the writing. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Fizzy Friday – Full of Energy. A day brimming with energy because it’s a Friday, Friday! I’m not really a fan of that song but let’s not forget that it was sensational at the time that it was introduced. Haha. Friday is for some beautiful places here in Cebu that I’ve visited. Let the exploration begin!
  • Wrap-up Weekend – For the wrap-up and setting of another goal for the coming week. This is a weekly schedule and so it means that there will be some wrap-up/self-checking that needs to be done.

That’s all for my side. What about you? What’s your blogging schedule and how do you achieve it? Want to join me in this weekly schedule, just link up when you post something on those scheduled days and let’s see what we got in the weekend!

* Thanks to Pikto Chart for being a free infographic-maker website. You can visit them to create your own info graphic.

Happy blogging dearies!

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  1. Hooray! I kept visiting here to see if there’s something new – finally! Haha. But apparently, I’m not such a good role model (yet) since I failed to post on Monday. I will try to catch up tonight, I promise!

    And great topic titles – I love it! Hope to see you more!

    • Yay. Thanks! I really got into thinking when you posted the blogging schedule and I think this is really the solution to my inconsistent blogging. Haha. At least we now have a battle plan to follow! So, see yah around!!! 😛

  2. You guys keep it up! Im inspired by your plans for daily blogging!
    i think im gonna do one soon (but when?) ^_^



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