Beyond my Horizon

After all these years, you finally came to see me. There were no tears anymore, it took years before they even dried up but they did and that too was many years ago. The longing passed by, so is the love that once flickered in the midst of all the events that came after the first time I kissed you. Those days has a vague place in my memory but it seems they were the best years of my life– the best but certainly something I cannot have all over again. Nobody would want those heart breaking ending, everyone likes the happy times but never the after math. The deafening silence, the tears and even the suicidal attempts that were too easy and too tempting.

I smiled at you, the years had taken its toll on you. The boyish smirk you always have was gone, it was replaced by a calm smile. A casual smile that I didn’t know you’re capable of. I wanna laugh at the thought of the things we shared: lazy afternoon’s at your apartment and the crazy talk that we always have. They were great and so are you.

I hugged you, for old time’s sake. This visit is something for the sake of a crazy promise I asked from you– and you never missed something like this, like you used to. Sometimes, when we were still young, I would think that you are way beyond my reach– even way beyond my horizon. Something I can’t have. Something I don’t deserve, not even the kiss or the touch. I had you once and that was enough.

I watched you leave again. This time, there will be nothing to look forward to; the promised have been fulfilled. And you’ll be really gone, for sure. And maybe, we’ll meet again somewhere, sometime but still a maybe. After all, you will always be something beyond my horizon.

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