Blogging Goals, Writing, and Distractions

Writing Goals

Writing Goals

I started blogging late in my High School days, in the era of Friendster. Mind you, Facebook still never existed at that time. I continued writing during my college days, where I would spend a lot of time writing in my blog instead of coding. I had this calling for writing, or as I may put it, I really have this frustration in writing. I’m not good in grammar and all the complication the English language can offer, and maybe I still fail once in a while when I start writing but the satisfying feeling when I hit the post button is overwhelming. In those days, it was never about the page views, the ranking or the popularity of the blog. It was hidden in the nooks of friendster that I would guess, nobody can access. I had two accounts and more blog accounts. I transferred to WordPress and blogspot. I started a lot of blog, like really a lot. I love starting out fresh every few months, posting stuff and forgetting about them a few months after.

I was done in college and ready to be mature enough to start something more mature. Haha. Well, I moved to Cebu and started working as a Research and Developer and started blogging again. This time, with the help of my ever-supportive boyfriend, bought my first domain (this blog!) and promised myself that I’m gonna improve my writing.

I’ve written a lot of short stories.

I’ve written a lot of personal thoughts, heartaches and every single thing I think worth posting here.

I had fun writing but I was also a bit obsessed to have readership, to garner some kind of popularity as a blogger.

I had that goals but as I rechecked what I’ve done, what I’ve written so far and how I mixed everything up— hopefully not messing it up, I realized that I still want this blog to be a bit personal.

My blogging goal was to become a better writer and as the scope of my writing became too big, it became a distraction to me. I wanted to do a lot of stuffs and write a lot and code a lot that leads to not achieving anything at the end of the day. That’s somewhat frustrating and definitely needs to stop.


Well, I’m gonna revamp this site and make it more a bit personal. Tehe. I’m planning to move some contents on my portfolio site and maybe put a better categorization on my posts. It’s not a one time process but it will happen, hopefully.

I hope I would still be able to write some posts that would make you, my dear reader, a bit inspired or you may learn some things. And hopefully, I would still improve in my writing path.

See you around!

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