Buzzer Beater

I’m not proud of it but sometimes, I become a buzzer beater. Or, let me tell you the truth oftentimes, I become a buzzer beater. When I was still on probation in the company that I am currently working on, we were told to minimize our late time-in or specifically speaking, we shouldn’t be late more than four times in that 6-month long probation. Luckily for me, I never entered the office past 8 in the morning (8 AM is our time in) but if you’ll have the chance to see the log sheet of my time-ins, there are a lot of 7:59, 7:58, 8:00 and some 7:45. Yes, that my dear, is buzzer beating the time that I should be in the office.

I know of course that I need to improve in the time-management area of my life. Of course, as what our manager lectured this morning, we should act professional by being punctual. I usually try my best to be punctual, to be at a specific place at the specified time. I always try my best on that. But, you know, there are really some things in my life that I really can’t control. Some factors like for example, my insomnia that usually hits me during work-week or err, my grumpy stomach when I am about to go out of the door and leave for work. Well, they always say– give some buffer time. Give yourself a grace period for those things that you don’t have control to.

Well, this post is a buzzer beating for me. I promised myself to religiously follow the One Post per Day for the Whole month of November. And I’ll fulfill that promise, even though I just got home from work because I was loaded with a lot of stuffs today and I need to finish them on time and thus, some over time work is quite advisable to be rendered. And my stomach is in grumpy mode so gotta run and tata! See you around, I promise to post something better tomorrow. Good night folks! 😛

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