Career and Writing: Embracing my world

Writing: Dream job

Writing: Dream job

I want to be a good writer as well as to be good in the craft that I belong. I want to read fictional books, fantasies as well as non-fiction, specifically programming books. As much as I want to be good in my hobbies, I also want to produce a tech blog. Yes, I want to write some nerdy stuffs that I think I’m not yet good at, it’s my path– my career, my chosen profession. And just like in writing, if I stop coding and practicing, the skills would just rust in the corner, withered with inexperience. I don’t want that day to come and to give myself a little more boost, I created another blog: You can visit it for more information on techy things– some from simple and to difficult, complex things.;) 

As of now, it only has one post. Tehe. I found it difficult to write technical stuffs because it needs more research and an in-depth knowledge on the things that I’ll be posting there. This part, the research and understanding part will be where I’ll be taking the next step– I learn by writing. I would definitely have a good grasp at something if I write something about it. It’s in my genetic code (haha, exaggerating here) and it makes me understand things better.

I’m not saying that I’m in my dream job as of the moment, I’m still laying the path as to where it should lead. I want to be a writer but somewhere deep within me, I also want to be a good developer. Helping people with programs, computers, internet and all the advancement that our era has. I want to be good in both of them. These 2 blog: this and that will be some sort of living proof as to where I want my career to be and might as well determine what would be my dream job.

Visit my new site, if you need some inputs or you want to learn more about the web, programming and some nerdy stuffs.

Visit here, if you need inspiration and thoughts of a frustrated writer. Happy Sunday everyone!

This is for the Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing.


What about you? What’s your dream job? Did you already pick your dream job? Share. Share.

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  1. Great tips! I enjoyed reading.

    • Thank you very much :) This made my day!! 😀



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