A Sunrise

Sunrise cebu

Last week, Sugarplum and I went to Cagayan De Oro City to attend the graduation of his younger brother. To save up, we decided to take a ship instead of a plane ride, airfare costs around three times more than the regular ship fare. Another advantage of going to ship ride is the fact that it’s just an overnight travel from Cebu to Cagayan De Oro. If you can sleep away the tides of the ocean, then this is a really good option for you. (more…)

Scribbles Update

Inks and Scribbles new header

Inks and Scribbles new header

The site is now up and running, design-wise nothing really changed except the updated About Page and new categories: Books, Personal Thoughts and Short Stories.

Why did I narrow down my categories to these three? (more…)

Celebrating Valentine’s Day of 2015 With A New Theme

Last year, the highlight of Valentine’s day is an elevator surprise by Sugarplum. Just as the elevator opened on the first floor of my then office, he was standing outside of it with a bouquet of flowers. I almost run upstairs out of my awkwardness. You can read that here. Sorry for that. :3

Modest by Elegant Themes

Modest by Elegant Themes

Today, I got one of my favorite gifts from him– a brand new theme for this blog! Wohoo. This blog, is one of the things that he had given me on our first year together. Here’s the story on how I got my own domain name and how we started hosting websites.  (more…)

Taking 2015 One Step at a Time

2014 had ended.

Oh, I think this post is tooo late to reminisce what happened in 2014 but then, we successfully bade good bye to 2014 and thus, we are presented with a new 365 new beginnings. A clean slate(hopefully) and another chance to make the most out of our life.

Christmas shopping with family

Christmas shopping with family


Blogging Goals, Writing, and Distractions

Writing Goals

Writing Goals

I started blogging late in my High School days, in the era of Friendster. Mind you, Facebook still never existed at that time. I continued writing during my college days, where I would spend a lot of time writing in my blog instead of coding. I had this calling for writing, or as I may put it, I really have this frustration in writing. I’m not good in grammar and all the complication the English language can offer, and maybe I still fail once in a while when I start writing but the satisfying feeling when I hit the post button is overwhelming. In those days, it was never about the page views, the ranking or the popularity of the blog. (more…)

Reasons Why I’m Not Planning to Get the Starbucks Planner 2015

Starbucks planner

Starbucks planner

I got my first planner from Starbucks last 2012 for the 2013 planner. Thanks to those long over time hours and weekends that I get the luxury of drinking too much brewed coffee. And with the help of my coffee addict office mates who are so willing to give me a sticker when they’ve already claimed their planner. I got my planner at half the price, I guess so. (more…)

What Have You Done Today?


What have you accomplish?

What are your plans?

What do you plan to do with your life?

Every accomplishment, be it big or small, started out as a plan. Slowly, the plan evolved into something more. Each steps are necessary, with the previous one building the new one. If we take every big accomplishment that we had, it would sum up to what we were doing with our one day. One day. 24 hours. Numerous minutes. A bigger number when we count it in seconds. That’s how we accomplish things, by spending that precious one day that we can never take back. Ever. Again.


A New Monday

Unexpected Goodbye

New beginning (Again?)

It’s not really a good idea to begin the week with a bit of a depressing post, right? Hey, it’s Monday and it should mark the beginning of the work week. If I start posting some saddening, gut wrenching post here I might as well start ruining my whole week. Okay, I’m a bit over-reacting here. (more…)

Witty: Color It Red

Let's color it red

Let’s color it red

Daily Prompt: Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

Shoes. Color it red.

Yes, I’m both addicted to the color red and the shoes. If the world’s hue would be black and white, I’d rather still have my red shoes with me. 😛

What about your object and color dear reader? Post it here!

Thoughts on Being Alone

I am writing this post using a mobile phone, isn’t it amazing? Not so of course!

We are an era of selfies, smartphones, exaggerated internet speed that usually let us do everything on the fly. What’s gonna be amazing for us the next time might be quite difficult to visualize. Our demands are growing because we do think we can do it. We can push our own limit, push it until we see a new vantage point, a new horizon. But, where do we stop? When do we think that we certainly have enough? We don’t. Either we don’t know or we don’t stop at all. We are program that way– to search for the unthinkable, to discover the secrets hidden beneath the world. Or again, we might be feeding our own imagination way too much.

I went to the bookstore a few days ago and I realized that I’m beginning to be the person that I never wanted to be. I became too clingy to the people around me, thinking that since I’m alone, maybe everyone just forgot that I do exist. I became that self-centered person who thinks the whole world owe her a homage. I hate that kind. My kind. I scan the books thinking that I am alone and having that crazy conversation with myself about being alone and the depression of being one. I forgot to smell the flower or in this case the books. I forgot how to enjoy life without letting the whole world know through a post or a connection.

It’s scary when you feel that emptiness, the darkness of the voices within your head telling you that you’re a nobody. Nobody cares. And so on. Why does it matter? Why does other people’s approval of us do matter? Is it because we were wired that way? Or, does it have something to do with the advancement of our era that people are beginning to act a little immature? And why do we always blame the technology around us, when in the first place we were the one who inflicted any kind of social stigma or status quo wherever we go?

Maybe our own self worth is a reflection of our ability to see the goodness within ourselves and to others. Maybe we ought to see that the world doesn’t stop for anyone– or everyone. The world has its own life and it’s high time we do our own fair share of living, alone or not.

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