Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Let there be light
Let there be light. This photo was taken while we were at home and the electricity was out due to Typhoon Yolanda. It was at this particular moment that a lot of our fellow Filipino were trying to survive the rampage that Yolanda (International name: Haiyan) had brought in. We were lucky to be at home and safe; while others, were battling the rains and winds of Yolanda.
Let there be light. Let this be the light that each one of us need when our main source of light is gone, when Mr. Sun is covered by his clouds, let this candle be our flicker of hope and instill in our mind that this too shall pass. The sun will surely shine tomorrow. :)



Here’s something for the Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion


What is confusion? What state is it? Is it that split second moment before you take that leap of faith from the edge that you get to think that what you might do is wrong? Or, is it that moment when you’re already falling, midway between the edge and the rocky bottom and suddenly the questions came popping one by one, telling you that you made the wrong decision or was it really wrong?

Confusion is one of the words I deem not define, it’s confusing at this level of consciousness where everything is making sense but in the midst of it all, nothing is. Life is a blur, a mere haze of what you wanted to see. It’s confusing for some, that you need to go to work 8-hour per day, 5-day a week because we need something to do with our spare time; yet, we tell everyone else that we don’t or will never have enough time. We’re the race that will put someone in throne and throw stones at them when in some way or another they failed. We asked people for forgiveness and second chances but we put people in jail. We asked for equal rights, gender deconstruction but we hated the thought of men marrying men. We asked for freedom of expression but we are trapped in the umbrella of emotions of people that matters for us. We want a cleaner government but still vote for those thrashy politicians. We want everyone to know the God that we believed in is a loving God but we tell people that our God will judge others and banish them to the fires of hell.

The list could go on and on—this is my daily dose of confusion. I’m not saying that I possess some kind of hocus pocus power that enables me to have this perspective and no, I am not alone with this view because everyone else can see these loopholes in the society, race or to the general humanity. Confusion is not just one state where you can step into and gets out when the time comes, sometimes, it’s a one-way ticket to life and it ends when all things end. If you don’t want it to end miserably, learn to accept these confusions and make the journey in this confused maze called life a memorable one. :)

One Post a Day and Typhoon

Based on my previous posts and their intervals, I promised myself that I will religiously post something per day for the National Blog Posting Month. I tried my best but I would also like to remind myself that there are some things that are out of my control. My last post was on November 5 (it can be found here) and you might wonder what happened for the past few days or the last 4 days since it is already November 9 today.

Wednesday night, we had this quarterly gathering with my workmates and I went home past 12 midnight. I was so tired that I wasn’t able to go online or post something. :( Then came Thursday, I was planning to insert writing something while at the office so as to cover up for the Wednesday delay but my work items won’t let me and so I spend the whole morning coping with my task and planned to maybe render some overtime to finish it on-time. If you’re reading the news, a super typhoon is about to hit the Philippines, specifically the central Visayas region. It’s a supertyphoon that is categorized as a strong Category 5 typhoon that’s expected to struck damages on the places it would hit. The typhoon is locally named Yolanda and its international name is Haiyan. I’m currently living in Cebu (which if you might not heard of is hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last month) and we are one of the places that is feared to feel the strength of this typhoon. Thursday afternoon, while we were busy doing our task and hearing about people around the city doing some panic-buying rendezvous, our manager suddenly told everyone to go home and get ready for the typhoon that is expected to come the next day. A signal number two is already raised for Cebu and the mayor asked all the public and private offices to cancel any work for Thursday afternoon and the whole day of Friday.  (more…)

Writing Challenge: Dearie

‘She’s definitely not 21′, the first thought that came into my mind the moment she pushed the glass door of the restaurant. Her black curly shoulder length hair was in disarray, lipstick stain on her lips and a hint of green eye shadows and an overly applied eyeliner made her eyes bigger. Her dark almond shaped eyes was examining the restaurant with curiosity that belongs to a child. She tilt her head sideways and put her hands on her hips. A dying cigarette on her hands. She’s wearing a black silky tube and a leather jacket (it was a bit hotter that night so I’m not really sure if she’s comfortable with it) and a mini skirt. A knee length boots to go along with her outfit.

She puffed one more time into her cigarette before tossing it into the nearest trash can beside the counter and approached the nearest table to the door, sat down in one of its couch-like chair. She crossed her leg and put her hands in the old brown table in front of her. Strumming her hands in the table to make her look cool (I guess) or maybe, she’s a bit bored of waiting for someone. The waiter in all white approached her but she said something to him and he went back on his way, a bizarre expression plastered in his face and scratching his hair.

I stood up, put on my hat and went to her. As I drew near her, she put her face between her hands revealing the luscious red nails– complementing her fair complexion and her eyes. She pouted for a while and stared into me, as if swallowing me into her whole world, and smiled. The flick in her eyes was instant– there was some kind of potions or whatever magic it was that made her look older, prettier. I almost took a step backward at that instant. She almost laughed at my reaction and fired her deadly question that sealed the event that night: “How much dearie? How much Mr. Donnovan?”.


First try for the Writing Challenge.

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