Confusion or Fickle-mindedness


I’m in that state of being confuse, it kicks in when I am doing random stuffs like walking and looking at the sky and then it will hit me like a bullet, out of nowhere.
What on earth am I doing here?

Series of good things to do would be played in my imagination if I am not here. Yep, some good stuffs. And you know what that means– I will be hit witha certain kind of depression. And it affects my mind and body and then some things become out of my control. I am not a control freak but rather, I take things lightly. And when the depression hits in, I take them seriously. Seriously? O.o
It is that feeling that you know it is what you believe it to be but in the long process of life you tend to question it. And then some signs would come up and makes all the confusion more difficult to handle. And then where do I stand? I don’t really know. I’m confused. Or, it will be safer to say that my fickle-mindedness is kicking in and making me jump from one conclusion to another. Sometimes, I wish life would give us a cheat code and teach us how to handle situation likr this. Of course, life would be boring if that would happen. Ooops. See you around. Tata!

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  1. It will pass for sure. That situation might be a good thing also ‘coz it makes us meditate for a while and somehow makes us appreciate some not so noticeable things that happened to us.


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