Here’s something for the Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion


What is confusion? What state is it? Is it that split second moment before you take that leap of faith from the edge that you get to think that what you might do is wrong? Or, is it that moment when you’re already falling, midway between the edge and the rocky bottom and suddenly the questions came popping one by one, telling you that you made the wrong decision or was it really wrong?

Confusion is one of the words I deem not define, it’s confusing at this level of consciousness where everything is making sense but in the midst of it all, nothing is. Life is a blur, a mere haze of what you wanted to see. It’s confusing for some, that you need to go to work 8-hour per day, 5-day a week because we need something to do with our spare time; yet, we tell everyone else that we don’t or will never have enough time. We’re the race that will put someone in throne and throw stones at them when in some way or another they failed. We asked people for forgiveness and second chances but we put people in jail. We asked for equal rights, gender deconstruction but we hated the thought of men marrying men. We asked for freedom of expression but we are trapped in the umbrella of emotions of people that matters for us. We want a cleaner government but still vote for those thrashy politicians. We want everyone to know the God that we believed in is a loving God but we tell people that our God will judge others and banish them to the fires of hell.

The list could go on and on—this is my daily dose of confusion. I’m not saying that I possess some kind of hocus pocus power that enables me to have this perspective and no, I am not alone with this view because everyone else can see these loopholes in the society, race or to the general humanity. Confusion is not just one state where you can step into and gets out when the time comes, sometimes, it’s a one-way ticket to life and it ends when all things end. If you don’t want it to end miserably, learn to accept these confusions and make the journey in this confused maze called life a memorable one. :)

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