“I’ll cross the bridge when I get there,” it was the only reasonable answer that I could give him.

We were sitting there, side by side. His arms wrapped around me. A movie is playing on his laptop while I watch the Neem tree’s leaves fall down gracefully– like a ballerina in trance. There were a lot of emotions: happiness, excitement, fear, sadness, and amidst this mixture, I’m looking for uncertainty. Is it there?

He was passively watching the movie, his fingertips touching mine. I looked at him and those brown eyes took me in, my whole being, expressing what he knows into my eyes– silently confessing his love. I stared back, trying to fight off the awkwardness, gripping his hands. Facing the fears.

“Whatever it is that you want, I’ll be always here. I promise.”

I look away, watching the road ahead and the leaves that were still falling. I lean closer to him, his arms became tighter. I closed my eyes, felt his heart thudding and my heart beating in a rhythm that I don’t understand. I’m happier now, maybe even happiest. This feels right then it should be. I don’t want us to drain into the black pit of what if’s. I want us. I don’t want this to end even before the beginning. 

The beginning is always the most difficult part but after almost two years since I took a turn on that crossroad I can say that I have been in the happiest state in my life. I’ll always treasure that particular moment, that moment of the falling leaves because it marked a beautiful beginning for us.


This is in response of the Daily Prompt: If you leave. 

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  1. Hmmm… Why does this seem so familiar? HAHA.. 😛

    • Hmm. hmmm because it is. Hahaha 😛



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