Crumpled Sheets

She sat by the window, watching the night sky. The stars were shining bright and it gives her that calmness and peacefulness that she needs. The wind blew its soft breeze into her face and into her damp skin– it brings with it the whisper of nature, a soft murmur of the birds and the trees.

“What are you thinking?” he asked as he got up and went into her side.

She looked at him and smiled. He sat beside her and wrapped her into his arms. She willingly rested her head into his shoulder and smelled his scent. How she loves him–every little details that she knew about him and his scent were her favorites. He started kissing her and the temperature of the room suddenly went up and the night took its toll.

She woke up with a bright sun. It was already sunrise and the sun greeted her with its magnificent rays. She turned to her side and sleepily looked for him but touched an empty side.  He was gone. Every time that they were together, she always woke up alone. He’s gone. He would sneak out of her little apartment before the sun goes up, she thinks, she really doesn’t know. Sometimes, she doesn’t want to sleep when he’s around so she would know what time he usually leaves.

“I had a great time darling… see you soon.”

The little note was in the bedside table again. She looked at it for a long time. And her eyes fell into the empty side where he laid last night. The crumpled sheets— it was the only remembrance she can get from what they had last night. It was a reminder that someone came here and loved her. A reminder that she needs to be get used to the fact that she would live her life waking up to nobody but a crumpled sheet.

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