Dead-end, Blocks or the Lazy Bone

After diagnosing myself with some kind of self-made reader’s block, which I think is already on its healing phase since I already finished the book Carrie by Stephen King, let me diagnose myself with some kind of writer’s block. If for some good reason, I can really call myself a writer and the definition of being one is being able to write(effectively) and more, well, in one way or another– let me consider myself as one of those lucky writer who is suffering from that ever intolerable writer’s block.

It’s not the same kind Mike Noonan, form the Bag of Bones suffered, which is I think is the extreme form of writer’s block that every time he sees the Word application in his laptop the worst thing of throwing up and being sick happens, all the time; okay, that is really extreme. As for me, I don’t really suffer that much but for me it seems the things that I want to write had come to that alley where no road had ever connected. It’s like being trapped in a corner of a maze where you find yourself in a dead-end. Game over my dearie. It’s like being trapped in my own make believe sickness that every single story that I want to share is already out but no, I still have the words, what I need ¬†is some sort of lightning-like-enlightenment, a eureka! moment. A moment that I usually feel when writing something but it seems those moments were currently on their holiday, on leave without a further notice.

They said writing needs patience and some sort of understanding yourself and your cravings to scribbles and produce inks and the stuffs that you would love to have, those moments of publishing a good story(in my blog, in my case), are the best in their form and I want to relive that passion, the drive to write because I want to write. I want to tell a story, effectively, and as what one of the best blogger I have ever met(technically through his blog) that I should write and write and someday I would definitely have written. Well, I guess it’s high time to put more, push more on this writing escapade where I want to do something. :) Have a nice Saturday Friday¬†dear readers.

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