old scribbles

old scribbles

I found my old scribbles on my old notebooks. They were written a year ago, while I was in the middle of a stressing/challenging project that was a bit difficult for me. The overtime work was more than I can imagine— it’s like taking a double shift in one day. Instead of giving in into the stress that the project would give me, I would write. Yes, I would scribble on my notebook during my breaks. Instead of taking that power nap, I would scribble and would think about life and some serious or funny stories that I wanna write in the near future. And since tonight, I guess I’m having some light (frustrated)writer’s block, I will be publishing some of the thoughts or stories that I scribbled.


They said that our life is a series of ups and downs and that everyone of us were connected to each other; that whatever we do in our life will affect everyone surrounding us. As an effect, everything that other people do has an adverse effect to our lives.Yes, it doesn’t sound new to anyone– this is a revisited topic.

No matter how well you planned your life from the very beginning, there’s something that would happen in the middle or in the end that would push you to take that risky path and jump into that exhilarating fall; for it was told, long before all the cliche’s have been made that changes occur once in a while in your life. And they do strike when you least expect them to. Just when you thought that everything has settled down, that you’re satisfied with your life, something would happen or (it can be) someone will come and will make you question all your plans, all of your goals. It’s’ up to you how you’ll deal with it: will you stay the same? Or, will you jump and take that fall?


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