Even Though

“Bisan pa og may lain ka na karon,
ikaw lang gihapon ang higugmaon.”
(Even though you have someone else now, you’ll always be the one that I’ll love.)

Forgive me if my translation above is not that correct. Tehee. I got addicted to this song just recently. It’s in Cebuano-one of the Filipino dialects that I do know. A song performed by  a local band called Wet Slipperz. I love its melody and the way the lyrics would hit someone in that situation.
I am not really a big fan of the idea that a person should wait for someone even though it is in vain. Who likes to be in that situation? No one of course! But we cannot deny the fact that the moving on stage is the most difficult stage that anyone has been through. And it’s something that anyone of us would like to avoid. (Fyi, I am not in that situation right now. I am happily in a relationship with my Sugarplum :P)
What I like about the song is the thought that the lyrics is a promise
-that no matter how much pain the writer had or is going through right now, the love will always be there. A relationship might end but the love, it will always be there. And as I promised to the person that I love and treasure, I will always love you. Always.

Sorry dear readers if I am a bit corny/cheezy today. I miss writing in this blog. :)

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