Favors and the Golden Rule

I don’t like asking favors from anyone, not that I am one of those persons who can live alone in his or her island while the whole damn world is busy partying and enjoying life’s benefits, no, I don’t consider myself as such. Maybe, I’ll survive being alone, if for some reason there is that it should be the last thing or the most advantage thing to do. I’ll do that, if I have to or if I don’t have a single excuse or a single choice.

Back to my blab, I don’t like asking favors (Oh, I’ve said it again. Oops), it would take a lot of determination— physically, mentally, psychologically and from every other aspects that would grant me to say those words without stuttering or running away the moment I start blabbering. I’m not Superman or Batman or even Ironman, I’m just an ordinary person who is much more like everyone else, who sometimes need the help from people surrounding each one of us.

Err. Err.

The fear of being rejected, of receiving that ego-busting NO, is creeping inside of me when I start to think about asking favors. Yes, I know that this fear’s root is something that is innate in every human being– the fear of being rejected. That overwhelming slap to your ego or to the things that you thought that you had with that certain person whom you asked the help from. Yes, that is certainly the biggest problem with human-interaction– our so called ego and its perks and how do we go about when it comes to saying No or receiving a rejection.

As for me (disclaimer: my opinion), I would really try my best not to ask for some favors, a sacrificial step away from the threats of my own harmony being sabotage by some small talk rejection. To ease your mind about my being this creepy or my overly-not-so-mature manner in dealing with rejection, I always try my best not to reject others or say No. Oh no, don’t brand me as a hypocrite, I would try my best– put an effort into something before saying No to someone because I know how much effort is needed to say(or text) those words.

Thinking from this perspective, it will give you the idea that the golden rule is not just the plain giving and receiving duo. In another light, it enlighten us that it might be rooted somewhere in our human nature, of fear and some kind of courage when we realize to put one piece of the puzzle in the bigger picture that somewhat we need to coexist and sometimes compromise with the people around us.

Always. Always

It sounds simple, a piece of cake compared to your geometry project or calculus problem but history would tell us that your geometry project is easier to solve because the professor went ahead of you and fetched the answer and tried his best to guide you to it; however, in the decision making in real life, the luxury of professors and guides are not easily given. They are masked in some kind of events or people in your life, and it is still, as always up to you on how you would decipher the codes or unmasked the hidden lesson underneath. And sometimes, amidst all the hassle and bustle that this world can give a simple “Yes” can save your pants off from the world’s biggest problem  is a single step towards a better way of harmonizing with people. Yes, there is a hidden code of conduct about the golden rule and Newton’s law about interaction. You will always reap what you sow. Always.


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