Flowers on Valentine’s day: Mainstream Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day

I got a flower on Valentine’s day and it made me happy. :) Thanks for the effort.

Days before this day, I’ve read a lot of bashers, haters or what else are there that you may want to call those people who doesn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s day and to brace themselves because Valentine’s day post and all would be flooding their social media news feed. I don’t really have something against anyone who hates/doesn’t want to celebrate this day, I mean sometimes, we have this instincts within us that we don’t want to celebrate what others deemed to be important for them. Of course, everyone wants to be unique– just like every other person living in this world. Based on our history, we tend to deviate from the norms that our own society built. It’s within us and nobody can escape from it. Whether you wanted to receive flowers or not, whatever is important for you, it’s your own choice and that’s it. Be happy to whatever this day may mean to you.

I was surprised when the elevator opened and boyfriend was there, holding a bouquet of flowers. It made me happy; though, I’m not good in dealing with surprises that I almost run upstairs and leave him there. Yes, I’m not a good with surprises. I even told him that he’s so mainstream with the flowers and all but I’m really happy. When someone put an effort in surprising you, it’s not such a bad idea to be happy about it. Even if people would be branding you a mainstream couple– it will never matter, as long as you’re happy and you’re not hurting anyone with your actions– then you have the right to be happy and to celebrate this Valentine’s day.

It’s the love month, whether it’s mainstream or not.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Friday or you Valentine’s day!

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