G is for Going and Getting There

G is for going and getting there

G is for going and getting there

This is where it all began. 

They said life is a big journey and where ever you are right now is just a step towards getting there– to your own somewhere, where everything you know or you’ve experienced would make sense. It’s the place where all your heartaches and pain where just guiding star, leading you to this one place. It’s the concept of planning and getting there.

I usually ask myself these questions: where am I going? Where the heck is that somewhere? Am I in the right direction? Or, am I hindering myself from getting there because of this or that? Life didn’t provide a cheat sheet or a compass to the right direction, sometimes it’s all just a matter of knowing what you like and what you want to be. On the contrary, what if I still don’t know where I want to be or what really is it that I really really really want?

I was sitting in my cubicle with the whole world doing their very own version of life, and I was just there– sitting. Trapped in a world that I can’t even recognize. Trapped in the four-corner of the office doing things that I barely understood and some things that I hate don’t even love. Trapped in a world that I don’t want to be in. And then it hit me, like a random bullet in a hazy afternoon, that I am totally wasting my life.

I only got one life, one day at a time, 24 hours a day and wasting around 1/3 of that doing things that I don’t exactly love or even understood is a big slap in the life that I want to live. I want to live my life governed by choices, choices that I made consciously, not some you-don’t-even-have-a-choice choice. It’s my life for Pete’s sake.

Going and getting there might be difficult but who else would do it? Me of course! And it might mean making big adjustments, another set of challenges and some rocky beginning; nonetheless, that’s the point of living– experiencing and learning along the way which way you’ll find what you truly love is.


I’m sorry if I’m a little bit with the A to Z Challenge. I’ll try to cope with soon! 😀

Good day! I hope you’re also on your own way into the path of your choice.

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