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Today, I received a phone call from a local gym here in Cebu saying that they have a special promo on their membership. The sales agent was good– a very lively lad that has the talent of entertaining me and at the same time offering their products and giving me all sorts of  reasons and advantages on why I should start going to the gym to achieve my goal on being healthy. Since I am usually awkward when it comes to conversation with sales agent and I tend to say “yes” and nod in approval but always has a lot of hesitations when it comes to getting something I might not be able to use in the long run.

Discipline– this is the key item that a person should have when he or she decides to go to the gym. When it comes to exercising and the like, I have this problem with discipline. I easily feel disheartened or worse the lazy bone would just kicks in and in a split second, all the good reasons why I would start my workout is gone. Even the simple routine of jogging is quite impossible for me to achieve. I have my pink inspiration for me to start with but it seems I need more push if I really want to have a healthy lifestyle.

pink inspiration and a fun run

pink inspiration and a fun run

Here’s the real deal when you want to go to the gym, it’s expensive and if you decides to go there— please, pretty please be sure to have that overflowing determination, self-discipline and maybe, just maybe, passion into what you will be entering to. Gym’s are a bit expensive, especially if you want to go to nice gyms with nice equipment and good trainer. Quality service nowadays is paired with a wallet-wrecker price; but of course, this won’t be a problem for you if you are determined enough.

As for me, I’m in that stage that I won’t go to the gym. Why? Simple. I still can’t  make up and follow wholeheartedly my exercise routine. If I do this without the gym price, the damage  is minimal. But if this is paired with a pricey membership and an expensive monthly payment, I’ll be wrecking not only my pants but also my budget for the next few months. I don’t make a lot but I have enough and I should start thinking about priorities as well as my health.

I have weekly yoga, free from our company’s club. Also a twice a month soccer and maybe once a month swimming. And for the remaining days of the week, I should really try to run or jog because in the long run if I can’t do this, I might opt to more aggressive means– like buying a membership to put more pressure into myself.

Of course, those are just what if’s, something blurry about this health-issue. But there is this one quote that really inspires me ( I guess it goes something like this, not sure though).

“..I am going to exercise now because I love my body and I want to take care of this…

 … I am going to eat healthy now because I know this is good for my body.. “

Not really sure about the words of the quote but this is the effect of it to me. Do something because you think it will be good for you, not because society is telling you that your weight is not acceptable, or your size is too big— being healthy starts from within, from your point of view up to your feelings. If you feel you are unhealthy then do something about it. If you feel that you are healthy, then be consistent about it. Of course, visit the doctor yearly to give more foundation if you should really trust your instinct. 😉

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