Hand Sewing and Stitching Frustrations

“Sewing on going…”


Last week, the idea of sewing came into my mind and I longed for the long weekend that was about to come for me to start this new endeavor or activity. I list all the things that I need to buy and as the long weekend began we, me and my ever-supportive boyfriend, hit the department store and look for the basic things that I had in my list. Buying a sewing machine was at the bottom of my list at that time, all I want to do was to begin sewing and so we grab the basics: threads, needle, scissors, tape measure, hook and eye, garter and a meter-long fabric. My initial plan was to sew a shirt or a sweater for bunny, my grayish rabbit stuffed toy. 

At home, I browsed on some tutorials available on Youtube, in this era of online tutorial, one can certainly find anything under the sun on the internet and voila! I found a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials which features a lot of dress-making. They were easily done or err so I thought. Instead of doing something for bunny, I decided to create a dress for myself after seeing all those tutorials. For the record, I wasn’t able to sew the whole weekend. I went into a drinking spree with my friends on Sunday evening and wasn’t sober enough until Monday afternoon. I was able to hand sew two sides of the skirt I was doing and I think that’s a bit of an achievement for me.

Today at work, I was trying to get the sewing-mania off my mind but I can’t. It keeps on creeping back in my system and made me want to make the clock tick faster than it should be; I want to go home and face those fabrics and threads and would stitch and stitch until my hands would hurt.

Today, I finished sewing the skirt part of the dress I’m planning to make. The real challenge in hand sewing everything started when I was about to start the upper part of the dress. The little details that should be sewn was overwhelming. The cutting of the fabric edge is also a problem for someone like me who has this problem with a straight line. Yes, I’m bad at drawing straight lines. I don’t have that skills so bear with me. And the biggest problem came when I begin stitching the sides of the dress. The strap was a challenging part, one needs a lot of patience pinning the side so it won’t come up and start sewing. Hand sewing.

The biggest frustration of the night hit me after watching all those Youtube video about making skirt easily— if you have a sewing machine. I was a bit frustrated after seeing the progress I made for about two days now and still, I can’t even call it half-way-there-dress. It still need more time and stitching. I was a bit frustrated with the progress and another mistake I made tonight was browsing on Youtube again and looking on more videos about making skirts and dresses in about 5 to 12 minutes. I can’t follow the way they were folding the fabric and cutting it. I was frustrated over my stitching skills and even my geometry skills.

Hand sewing and stitching can bring a lot of frustration for anyone who has a limited patience-span. I’m not giving up yet, I just need to rest for sometime and I’ll be up and running again in no time. And nope, this night is not that bad at all, reconnecting with old friends is still one of the best things that lighten up anyone’s day. Thanks for the good news guys! I miss you and let’s sync our leave this December, okay? See yah.

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  1. bitaw noh? unta sync ato leave this Dec. i miss us! :) soon, magtry pud ko mag-sew. #suyaera


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