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Tipys Lit

She limped down the lane. Half walking, half running and limping all the while. Her severed ankle made it impossible to run, she didn’t dare to looked at it. She might passed out. When the bat hit it, she cried in agony and passed out. Everything’s a shady haze she didn’t dare think about. Everything will be all right. She needs her focus now, at this moment, in this almost dead street. She tried to make her pace a bit faster, trying to bear the pain as she take one step and another.

She can finally see the outline of the gate. The gate. The only thing that separates her war-torn place from a safe haven. They said it’s safe there. They said that once you reached the gate, your worries would be gone. She’ll certainly have the life that she dream about.

The sudden noise from the coming vehicle brought all the horror she have been controlling.

Did I made too much noise? 

Is Arrie awake? Will he kill me if he catches me?

Her whole world is spinning as she tried to run, the pain almost forgotten. She can’t bear to live that life again. Never. The trauma– both physically and emotionally has taken its toll on her whole being, she can’t bear the sight of the people who enslaved her. Never again.

As the vehicle slowed down behind her, she tried to run again. Faster than she had done before, never turning back. The approach was slow but it gave her all the chill and horror she cannot bear, she stumbled down and saw the starry night. Its calmness and its beauty, it was a pleasant time to die– her last thought as an uncontrollable darkness enveloped her. She remembered the warm hands, a lift into the backseat and a long drive.

Her ankle. Her bruised ankle is throbbing with pain again. She opened her eyes as the memories started to pour again. The fear is beginning to build inside of her.

Is this heaven?

The walls were painted in white, she can smell an unfamiliar smell of some sorts of herbs. This is a clean place, nothing like this exist in her world– the world outside the gate. She tried to remember and think of the things that happened.

“You’re awake. Glad we’ve made our regular rounds on the area and saw you along the way,” a guy in a white shirt walk towards her.

“Who are you? Where am I?” a million questions were racing down on her mind.

“You’re in Haven now. This is the place,” he winked. “I’m Raf. Don’t be afraid. This is the beginning of a new life for you. I guarantee it. I also came from beyond the Gate. It’s a cruel life out there.”


It was the only thing that she could say. She made it. She can’t believe it. Her life is definitely beginning.


This is in response to Tipsy Lit’s endings and beginnings.


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  1. I want so much more. Very good work!

  2. Such an interesting concept; would definitely want to know about this world you’ve craft! Thanks for sharing it :)

    • Thanks. Glad that you liked this world. Who knows what this concept might bring in my writing. I’m still crossing my fingers on this one! Thankssss for the visit!

  3. oooH ooh waking up like that in Haven. Kind of still has a creepy feel to it. New beginning at creepy community maybe
    Great story and be back for more.

    • Hahaha. Yes. We’re not yet sure on what’s gonna happen on her life. It might turn into something more or not! Haha. Still thinking on what to write next. Thanks for stopping by! :3

      • It was a pleasure and sure leaves room for a continuation. I would love to read.

  4. I really like how you captured the character’s resignation, her willingness to accept any kind of escape, especially here: “she stumbled down and saw the starry night. Its calmness and its beauty, it was a pleasant time to die.”



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