Hello World!

When it’s your first time to program, the very first thing you’ll probably code is a “Hello World!” program. It’s a simple program, you’ll only code something that will display a “Hello World!” and it’s done. Tada! Your very first running code. Here’s the obligatory pat in the back and a salute.

Moving on, I titled this post as a Hello World post. Of course, this is also the title of the first example post that you probably had. And let me take this opportunity to say “Hi 2014! Glad to meet you. Please be good to me. :)” Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to Cebu– which means it’s the end of my week long vacation and time to face the reality of working again. It’s not really bad since I’ll be meeting the love of my life, my friends, my office mates and we’ll be reconnecting and catching up.

This vacation, although I just stayed at home most of the time— hibernating, I really had fun! I mean, I meet up with the people I want to reconnect with, I spent a lot of time with my family. Well, that’s really a good vacation for me; it’s a time detaching myself from work and the stress and the pressure around it. Well, this is somewhat a good vacation for me. 😛

I set up some goals for 2014 and hope I’ll be having a good 2014 year! :)

And hope we’ll be having a good and safe flight tomorrow. See you tomorrow Cebu! ^__^ I miss you!


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