I Thought I got the Beat

Daily Prompt: We got the Beat.



I grew up in a private Catholic school where they always teach us about the basics of Music.

First Grading period: Guitar

Second Grading period: Piano

Third Grading period: Drums, flute

Fourth Grading period: Performance. 

When I say always, it means that this course would repeat in my whole four years in High school (the high school system in the Philippines is quite different from that of other countries). I love music though I think music is not that in love with me. It’s one of those painful unrequited love scenario you’ve probably read about. Moving on, I tried my very best to learn the basics of both guitar and the piano, though as I would guess learning these stuffs mean that you should have a guitar or a piano at your fingertips. It’s the practice that matters when it comes to these instruments. Since my family didn’t have a guitar, the piano is impossible, I never really ever got a chance to play at home. 

I can pass the exam about chords and the parts of the guitar but I would probably fail if they would let me play it. Add to the problem that I’m out of tune when singing and never had the ear for the right tone. I’m a mess when it comes to music. I would envy those people who can play a piece on a guitar, I never had that. I will never.

There are 2 scenarios from my childhood and teenage life that “I thought I got the beat.”

Scene 1: Elementary years. Grade 6(final year before high school). Music class(of course!)

We were asked to sing the “Do re mi” in front. I was shaking. I had this stage fright. I don’t like going in front of the whole class and sing. I’m not even a singer. I only sing in the showers, even my Aunt told me I was way out of tune. :( The teacher called me, I stood in front of the whole class praying that the bell would ring. Please. Please.

Teacher: Do…

Me: Do~~~~~

Teacher: No, follow me. Do…

Me: Okay. Do~~~~~~~~

Repeat that scene over and over again. I was embarrassed, more than ever in my life at that instant. Luckily, the bell didn’t wait for the storm to come, it rang when it has the idea that I will never reach “re”. Save by the bell, I guess.

Scene 2: High school. Band Group Performance. 4th year (final year before college). Performance. Err.

We were tasked to play as a band in front of the whole graduating class. It was a requirement/final exam for Music. I always sing at the back, getting as far as I could from the microphone. I can probably fail the whole group with my high-pitched-out-of-tune rendition of whatever song we were to sing. The night before the performance, I was taught by one of my group mate to play a certain guitar. It’s a 4-string guitar that I hardly recognize. She told me what to do, what to hold, how to strum it and try to be cool with it. I was excited as hell, I’m also as afraid as I can get. I was paranoid, what if I suddenly hold the wrong button, strum differently–gosh, I’m over thinking.

Then came the day of the performance. I can’t breath out of excitement and fear. My heartbeat is the only thing that I can hear. The whole class was there, sitting and cheering and doing their own stunt in playing their songs.

It was finally our turn, my group mate give me the guitar. Another one told me to ditch it and sing with them. I put on the guitar, feeling a rock star for the first time in my life. The group mate who gave me a guitar also played another one (I don’t know the difference between guitars so I don’t know the specifics), another one took the keyboard then we borrowed a drummer, others were singing. I did my job. I really didn’t hear what I was playing. I was singing along, holding and playing the guitar the way we practiced that night. Then, we’re done. Just like that. Yey. A good thing right? But then some people just don’t give you credits for what you’ve done or what you’ve been through. There were praises since it was my first time to do that thing when all of a sudden, someone says that the volume of the guitar that I was holding was on low or probably on mute.

WHAT?” that’s the only thing that did register in my mind. It was like reaching the top of the mountain after a difficult climb but then the mountain suddenly crumble down. Shattered.

I never looked back. Music has given me enough heartbreaks to carry on with me.

Of course, I still do enjoy listening but then playing the guitar would be an impossible for me.

Oh well, I really thought for a second that I got the beat. Sounds fun? Nah, Music is not for everyone, I know. *wink wink*


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  1. Nice to read about your experience.

    • Thank you very much. :)



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