Imaginary Sewing Kit and An Overly Attached Bug

Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

These past few days have been so busy for me: a new project came up and hmmm, well, the project is really busy. The initial plan was for me to do the translation part while my teammates do the testing. My job was to translate their help file from Japanese to English and as you know, my Japanese skills is not yet that  good. I know the basics: reading and writing in Hiragana and Katakana and maybe, just maybe a little, understanding simple sentences but when it comes to Kanji characters paired with a lot of technical terms the job seems impossible to do Thanks to the help of IBM King translator, Google translate and Jim Breen’s Text glossing capability, I was able to do my job. During those days that I’m patching the translations, not only did it test my Japanese skills– the most difficult test was on my English vocabulary. After reading the automated translation, my brain cells would try to decipher and create a better sentence from it. It’s quite difficult especially if the original sentence is a bit tricky. It tested my synonym skills as well as the sentence construction part. I received a lot of corrections, mostly on the formatting, but I think I did my job well. Cheers!

After the translation part, we were assigned to fix the remaining bugs that my teammates found earlier last week. It was difficult since the language was C++ and it was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005— a bit old compared to its newer version(2012) and if you are a Visual Studio 2012 baby who uses all the shortcuts and the perks that the advance version can give, you’ll probably gonna have a lot of problem adjusting to the older version.

The problem with bug fixing is that you need some time to investigate on how the program works and how it was coded. If you’re really lucky, a well documented program will really make these steps easier compared to a program haphazardly documented. The week ended with me cringing about the bug that I wasn’t able to fix. It’s quite hurting for any developer when he/she can’t fix a simple bug. It’s frustrating especially if you know that it’s an easy bug– that one tweak or two would do the job but still you can’t get it. It’s disheartening but in the end, you still need to continue. Starting last Monday, the day would end at past midnight. I would leave the office at 2 or 3 am and still I have more work to do. It’s eating a lot of my time and injecting a lot of stress in my life. Last night, or rather this early morning, we were down to one last bug. I had the freedom to call it an overly attached bug; it took away my chance to go to Simala for the first time and my holiday. Hey, that’s two birds with one stone but on a very opposite side. :( Nevertheless, I guess the attachment did stop today. We were able to stop it and voila! I’m home before 12 midnight. :)

During lunchtime yesterday, my friend told me that I should sew my own dress instead of buying a lot of dress. I laugh at his suggestion and went on to eat lunch. When I went back to the office, I browse in the usual Yahoo news and saw a post about a college student owning a purse company and being one of the top entrepreneur of today because she sews her own purse. It really amazed me and as a result, thoughts of being able to sew dance in my mind most of the afternoon. During my breaks, I’ll browse and list down the things that I should buy if I want to learn the basic of sewing.


Me playing soccer

I list down those things and imagined the look of my imaginary sewing kit. I made a list but I wasn’t able to go to the mall (though the front of the office is a mall) to buy those things. I want to learn how to sew, maybe it’s high time that I discover another hobby or a recreational activity. As of the moment, the list for recreations are: soccer, jogging, yoga and blogging. I still need a lot of inspiration to read a book again.

I hope I’ll be able to purchase the kit tomorrow and start sewing. The sooner I begin, the sooner I’ll be able to put on a new dress.:D

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  1. Go for gold! I remember I wanted to start making jewelries. Or handcrafted accessories. Apparently, I forgot. Hahaha. I hope you don’t forget your sewing kit! 😛

  2. yay! nooooo… i’ll be the only one left who can’t sew. ;(

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