In a Meeting without a Pen

in a meeting with no pen (borrowed picture)

When in a meeting, it is better that you bring a pen and a paper to avoid long eye contacts with your meeting buddies while they explain help you with the notes and to give off that expression that you are scribbling down some notes in order for you to review after the meeting. Yes, that is basically the hidden rules that are stipulated before I ever began going to companies and messing myself in this corporate maze. And as I see it, I think I might not be that bad until I went into today’s meeting and forgot to bring my pen. I was told that we were going to introduce ourselves to our new client. Introduce, that was what I heard and that was what I did. I frantically panic the moment they told us about self introduction, of course if it was in English, I can definitely tell you my name and add that ever familiar “Nice meeting you” things. Sadly or dramatically, it will be done in Japanese (it’s called “Jiko Shookai”) and I have to ask my friends in Skype to tell me the basics. I know my Japanese skills is hitting below the ground and if I don’t do anything about it, it might go 6-feet under. Sadly. 

I went into the conference room and introduced myself. No sweat! I did it. This is gonna be a good day! Then, they told us to sit down and started explaining about the project. I smiled and tried my best not to panic. I went inside the conference room with an empty hand. I have no choice but to look at the man in front of me as he explains (in both English and Japanese, he’s good don’t worry) about it. I tried to calm down, to not panic and tried my best not to look around but I guess I did. There was a pen and a notebook at the top of the shelf. I think they were my guardian angel, my saving grace but how could I ever reach them when they are at the back of the person explaining. Err. I just tried to act normally and nod as the person explains. I keep telling myself that it’s okay and sometimes people really doesn’t need to bring their pen and notebook, plain listening will do the trick but the other side of my mind or was it the back of my mind screaming at me with “Noo, you’ve messed up again.”

telekinesis please be with me(borrowed again)

The meeting went on and no I didn’t get that pen and notebook from the top shelf because during the meeting my telekinesis ability wasn’t developed and yes, I didn’t have the courage to excuse myself and run like hell into my desk and grab those things. No, the meeting went on and I tried my best to be of the best attitude there will be in looking as interested as possible. I did try my best.  And I have come to another realization after messing it up in an event, that in this life, I should really think twice or thrice before relaxing even a little bit. And as far as I know and I guess you’ve heard this before– life doesn’t give a lot of chances, you’re one lucky egg if a second chance is granted. Lucky, if a third is given. What’s my point? Grab the things that you need to have today, grab that notebook or pen before taking that dive. It might turn out to be the best things that you did.

As this day is coming to an end, I realized that I miss writing long articles or stories. I miss the aching of my hands as I type or write and I miss that feeling of almost destroying the keyboard because the thoughts were so speedy that my hands can’t even keep up. Or that realization that I am still not that good in typing in Maggie’s keyboard (I named my laptop Maggie). Or, that I forgot to upload pictures on my previous posts. Yes, I told myself that I would try my very best to upload a lot of picture on every post because I want to give my reader something to ponder on. And I know that like me, some readers doesn’t like long articles with no pictures at all. It reminds me of dictionary and even though I adore them, I don’t go reading them on a weekend while sipping my coffee. Yes, the pictures help people like me with an attention-span problem (or no, it’s not a problem because it’s common) to focus and continue reading.

attention span (borrowed)

I want to improve in almost every aspect of my life: in my relationship, in programming, in Java, in C# or in every language that I will ever write a program with; in writing(hopefully) and in soccer. I might also want to read again and cry when the protagonist dies at the end. And somewhat, in the maze that I am facing right now, I am afraid to get stuck in the corner because I forgot to bring my pen. No. I definitely don’t want to experience those things again. Never. So before relaxing and sipping my coffee, I need to consult that tiny spot in my head for better judgement of what should I do for the betterment of this massive maze that I am into.

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