Just Let It Rain

On some days, waking up a little bluer than the usual happens. May it be because of the weather, the humidity or some unresolved things hidden beneath one’s self.

Just Let it Rain

It might be human nature that on some days, humans tend to be a little happier and on some a little bit annoyed. The tendency to find something or someone to blame might present itself as an easy scapegoat  to the situation. It provides a relief on the situation that seems to be unreasonable.

People needs explanation for anything; it might be in the form of a divine plan, a coincidence or fate playing its role, as long as an explanation is given people tend to be satisfied by it. This is one of the greatest quest of humanity ever since, to find that sole truth– to find the reason for everything. After securing the turf for survival, humanity’s next goal is to find the answer for everything. For everything has a reason. 

Rain, for a person trapped inside the office is really a bad situation when no umbrella is present. It means being wet while trying to get home and it means a lot of traffic jam on the road. Which leads to a lot of consequences: like being late for dinner, wet road, wet clothes with a stain of mud or two, and really a lot more. The list could go on when people want to find the reason to hate something or in this case the Rain.

On the other side of the globe or the coin, the Rain is a relaxing news for some. For the person who is at home and is getting ready to sleep, the sound of the raindrops brings forth a relaxing feeling. Add the coldness to that then the bed is as inviting as it could ever be. For the farmer who wished for the rain to give his crop the needed shower, the rain is a blessing. It’s a promise of a better harvest soon.  Let this slipper be wet

See here, it’s a conflicting world. The other side is searching for some reasons to blame the rain. The other side is thanking the rain for its blessings and the good things that it will bring. It’s a choice. The world is full of it. A person has the ability to choose between being the wet guy or the blessed farmer. When it rains, it pours. Yes, definitely. The rain can’t be stopped but a person can really choose to feel the rain and enjoy it or the other way around. Your choices. Definitely.

It’s a rainy day here! Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone!

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