K is for Keyholes

Ki woke up because of the loud banging on the door. She sat up from bed and looked around. The room was still dark but the lights that were creeping under the door were enough for her to see. She slowly got up from bed, trying to be discreet so as not to wake three-year old Kenny. She tiptoed towards the door and peeped through the keyhole.

Mama is sitting on the couch, staring into the door. It was still banging. And she can hear Papa shouting, calling for someone to open up. Mama got up and opened the door.

“What took you so long to open up?!” Papa snarled and slapped her.

Ki felt the pain and closed her eyes.

“I-I-I’m sorry. I j-just came from the bedroom,” her mother lied.

“Liar!” he shouted once more and slapped her again.

Ki can’t take it anymore. Tears were falling down her cheeks. She tried not to make a sound.

“You’re always a liar! You even named our daughter after your lover! LIAR!” he shouted and stormed to their bedroom. Slammed the door.

There was silence. Ki looked at her mother who is now staring blankly at the floor. The marking on which her father slap landed can be seen on her mother’s face.

Named after her lover. Ki can’t understand. It’s Kenny and her. And Kenny is the son, she is the daughter. What’s wrong with her father? What is a lover? She can’t understand a thing. Her seven-year old mind can’t process the complication of grown ups especially that of her parents.

Kenny started to cry, Ki froze where she was. She peeped once more and saw her mother coming to their room. Ki went into the corner and sat there. Her tears kept falling. She can’t understand a thing. The door opens and Mama went in and saw her. Mama fell to the floor, hugged her and started to cry.

“I’m sorry Ki. I’m really sorry… It was.. Oh God, it was so long ago.”

Kenny started to cry again. And Ki can ‘t even understand a thing.


This is a try on A to Z Challenge! Have you tried peeping on a Keyholes? What have you discovered?

K is for Keyholes

K is for Keyholes


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